You know you have a problem when.....

  1. I think I'm so in deep trouble. :smile: So guilty of manything posted here. :smile:
  2. l love this thread, lets all keep it going.

    You know your in trouble when you imagine if you had a fire or flood in your home that all your BAL bags and jackets were stored high off the ground and in a fireproof closet?
  3. ...Your boyfriend has no fashion sense, but can spot a fake a balenciaga with no prompt!
  4. … when you search for the next Bal before your last purchased Bal arrives to you :S
  5. you start comparing car colors (as you're driving) to Bal colors.

    ....btw....there are a lot of cars that look like Atlantique to me......:p
  6. :lolots: I am so glad I am not the only one who does that !
  7. .. or husband!!! Always asks me "does this go together?" .. but he can spot a fake from a mile away (provided he has his glasses on!!). Too funny! :biggrin:
  8. .... When your DH/SO is trained to automatically place the Bal right side out on his lap when you are driving, so you can continue to admire it!
  9. ... when you're walking with your husband in the rain and he adjusts the umbrella to lean more over you so that your BBag gets more shelter from the rain!

    (boy, have I rolled down the slippery slope of Bal or what?!)
  10. When you drop your partners drink in his car and he's more worried about your bag getting ruined than his carpets.... This happened earlier today oops
  11. When you trip and fall, feel yourself going down, and your only concern is holding your bag up so it doesn't scrape the ground!
  12. That's soo true! The body heals, but not our gorgeous bags.....
  13. when you lovingly go through all old pictures of kids, and family members, and then there's MANY MANY MANY pics of your Bbags.........
  14. Ooooooh - GUILTY as charged !!!!
  15. When thoughts of an earthquake or fire could happen, the first thing you think about saving are your Bals (imagining it actually happening in your head and how you're going to do it)