You know you have a problem when.....

  1. your DH makes TPF the home page on your new laptop :wtf: :sweatdrop: :p

    p.s. everybody, please go ahead & chime in :wlae:
  2. ...when you check TPF on your cell :smile:
  3. .... when you keep hitting the refresh button on Achtung! :shocked:
  4. :roflmfao: no worries here ..... my HB don't understand the language very well :yahoo: ;) :shame:
  5. Every item (cars, clothing, buildings) you see, you think in terms of Balenciaga bag colors!

    Oh, and another one, you follow people around in stores trying to check out their Balenciaga bag!
  6. ... when you realise by the end of the day that you have litterally spend 5 hous on TPF as well as taking pics of your bags, looking at your bags and nearly forgetting to head of to the gym...:sweatdrop:
  7. Your addicted to this board and spend more time here than an LV or Hermes...

  8. ^^LOL!! Me too!:lol:
  9. you sell off all your other bags to finance your B-bag purchases...
  10. You dream about bbags!
  11. you dream about purchasing bbags(especially rouge vif citys:nuts: )
    and then wake up screaming cause in ur dream , the ups guy kept it for his wife ??! NO kidding, it happened:shame::push:
  12. ssm,ranskimme,catcat, NWpurse.. I confess that I have all of the above and more..:nuts:
  13. soooo guilty of that...

    and checking it on my phone...!

    My thing is the insomnia at night.. when you think you might miss a deal on eBay!

  14. You check eBay before first thing in the morning, before you go to bed and when you get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom.
    You leave balenciaga seach on eBay open all the time so you can refresh new listings.
    You check achtung at least 10 times or more each day. :p
  15. ^^ lol, i'm guilty of all of the above :whistle: