You know you have a bad bag fetish when......

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  1. Before I joined this forum I thought I was the only crazy bag lady in this I know I'm not alone

    Finish the sentence and let's see how obsessed some of us really are..
    Here are some of my top reasons:

    1) You are always telling yourself "just one more"..10 more bags later :biggrin:
    2) You lose sleep because you are busy browsing through the Ebay auctions looking for that bag you really really want :shame:
    3) After finally snagging that bag you have been searching high and low for, you don't feel satisfied because by now you have a new bag that you really really want :Push:
    4) You are always telling yourself you "need" it (bigger one, smaller one, don't have a blue one yet..etc.) :huh:
    5) You dust off the surface that you are about to place your bag on :nuts:
  2. Yup, yup, yup, yup and yup. :lol:

  3. This one in particular hits home... :Push:
  4. Oh my gosh you just described me. I always tell myself I need an "everyday" bag. A few bags later I'm still looking for an everyday bag! AArrrgghhh!
  5. ....when you take a day off from work to wait for the fedex man to deliver your new bag (because signature is required)!!
  6. Very glad I'm not the only one!!:nuts:
  7. Wow! I love all of you! I have just cancelled my therapy session because I now realize I am normal. I was just saying I need to visit the mall today to look for a summer bag that can be used year know that bag that doesn't sit in your closet making you feel guilty! That rationalization works for me:love: after all that bag I just purchased is black and I can't use that in the summer.
  8. Sounds good to me! :lol:
  9. Wowzers! I have a serious bag fetish then! I said yes to all of them! Especially when I look high and low for a bag and when I get it I'm onto the next bag.
  10. OMG, we're all nuts!!! lol
  11. when you would starve in order to get the bag you want LOL
  12. :lol:
  13. when you are suppposed to be studying/working, but you keep on checking for purseblog, Saks, neiman, bergdorf, ect. for a new bag, and you keep on saying I'll stop looking after this webpage.. or whatever. Before you realize it, it's 1 hour ago since you said that! :smile:
  14. when you search ebay for authentic items that you don't even want to buy because,'s good to know they're there, should you want them, right?
  15. Agree !! Well, I don't starve, I just don't eat out very much, and when I do my groceries, it's almost all fresh fruits and veggies since they're cheaper than processed food, and the upside is that they're healthier too ! :smile:

    I'm also REALLY bad for losing sleep over searching on eBay for deals. I'm an addict !