You know you are an LV Addict when...

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  1. I know this topic has been done before but, let's face it, it never gets old!

    Let me start with my experience today.

    I know I am an LV addict when my mind's eyes read the word 'mammogram' on a clinic signboard as 'monogram' !

    Who else has a funny one?
  2. I know I'm a LV addict because I like to look at my bags every now and then...well, maybe more often than that. :giggles: I will take them out of their dust bags, admire, model in the mirror and put them away. lol
    Another reason is because I am never satisfied with the bags I have! I always want more more more!!!
  3. When you consider monogram wallpaper for an accent wall in your home. Maybe that's idea should be saved for a walk-in closet...
  4. Heheh, I do that too. I just give DH the excuse that I'm airing out the bags.
  5. Ooh, what a great idea for a walk-in closet! Or you could custom order laser cut stencils of the monogram flowers!

  6. Ooo that would be cute!
  7. You plan your vacations in places that have LV boutiques..
  8. I know I'm an addict when I notice LV's immediately on other people and sometimes I look at people's purses all the time whether they're LV or not! My heart skips a beat when I notice someone else's as much as my own :P
  9. its raining today and the only umbrella in the car is my son's little kiddie one..... i'm walking to the office with the kiddie umbrella, i noticed a few of my coworkers looking at me finally hit me that i was subconciously covering my bag more than my own head.........Althought I don't think this is an LV addiction, it's more of a bag addiction....HAHAH!!
  10. ...most of the pictures on your phone are of your collection. :smile:
  11. This is true!
  12. ...when you can walk past people and name their bag and the season if applicable. I do that and my husband just shakes his head. He thinks I should work for LV.
  13. +1 :lol:
  14. :smile:
    :smile:lol, this, and when your bags have "nicknames"....and your family members know which one your referring to based on that name :smile:

  15. Or whenever I'm travelling, I look for the nearest LV store! And right after I buy one or so items, I still find myself stalking the website for my next target 😍😁LV❤️e