You know you are addicted to Rm bags when you.......

Admittedly, this is a little embarrassing ...

When you have your wisdom teeth out, and are loopy from whatever was in the lovely IV administered pre-procedure, and then start threatening people with a "punchin'" if they touch your chocolate MAM, which, like a security blanket, you took to the oral surgeon's office

I may not have actually done this, but more than one person swore that I did

That is so classic Princess! I love it!
... When you have never owned, not even seen a RM in person, but you steal your dad's blackberry on your vacation in Barcelona just to look at this subforum. I am so obsessed I bet my collection will rival GUNG's one day... One can dream!
stay up past midnight refreshing the thread to see everyone's purchases so that you then can become more obssessed with bags you don't have..this morning I am thinking about the stone Nikki.....argh.........
you take your hazelnut MAB to your daughter's second grade classroom and when the teacher says "what a nice bag" your 8y/o daughter replies "it's a rebecca minkoff!"

A diva in training.... :lol: Watch out world! My 17 year old daughter couldn't even identify a RM bag she's too busy burning the road up in her car to care.
...when you are looking at felt colors with your DH for his new pool table and when he picks out "slate blue" -- this really amazing charcol with blue undertones -- you immediately think what I beautiful color it would be on an RM bag!!!!
When you think about what you can sell so that you can afford the RM you just bought... as you do yoga.

When you huff the leather when no one's looking.

When you smile at and baby talk to your bag in the car. Or at home. Or at work.

When you never bought more that one bag at a time before in your life, then you discover RM and in two months have two bags in hand, two coming and probably 2 or 3 more from the pending sample sale.