You know you are addicted to Coach when?

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  1. You incorporate the Legacy SHOPPING BAG into your living room decor...:shame:

    how about you?
  2. One more...

    Your shopping with your friend in a coach store and she says she wants that bag in "white" and you need to correct her and say it is parchment, not white...and the SA whistles at you.
  3. lol! That is hilarious!
  4. you get your totally designer oblivious father to recognize coach...who just smiles and shakes his head now and doesn't even ask about prices, lest he have a heart attack. all he needs to know is his little girl is obsessed, which makes daddy happy!

    you can walk into a store and say "got it" to half the store...or "on the wishlist already"

    customers actually start asking YOU questions...because you, of course, know more than the typical sa.

    you're known as "that coach girl" on campus...(:whistle:)

    you think it would be perfectly rational to buy the same bag in 3 different colors. who knows when they'll come in handy?!
  5. You'll drive 6 hours round trip, on your birthday, to go to an outlet, because you've heard they have great stuff right now.
  6. when you know the name of the handbag styles when seeing them out in public.
  7. you buy 4 new Coach bags in one month and are still wanting more :shrugs:

    can spot a fake a mile away :rolleyes:

    teaching others about coach and getting them addicted :yahoo:

    co-workers ask you what new Coach purse you got today! :love:
  8. OT but how did you incorporate the bag into your living room?
  9. Amen, sister!:choochoo:
  10. You visit this purse forum many times throughout the I do.
  11. you continually check (as in, everyday)- even though you KNOW the site hasn't been updated. but you check, "just in case..."
  12. ...your 10 yr old son can tell a real from a fake.
  13. Hahahahaha:P
  14. When your 5 year old daughter says "Mommy are you looking at Coach again?!!"

  15. And not only do you feel this is rational, but somewhat necessary!

    Here's a couple others:

    - Your 4 year old can help you look for Coach bags at TJ Maxx b/c she likes finding the "special tags" AND she is motivated to stop sucking her fingers by the promise of a "W" charm for herself;

    - Most of the time when an SA wants to show you something that hasn't been released yet, you already know what it is b/c you've spent the past hours on tpf (had to pretend I was surprised to find out about Coach perfume the last time I was in the boutique);

    - you correct the SAs in the store when they're helping you b/c you know more about the styles than they do