You know why I REALLY love tPF?

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  1. Cause it allows me to socialize while sitting on my bed propped up on pillows with my pants half unbuttoned (chubby day!) and rolled up to my knees with an old halloween t-shirt on, drinking my 3rd cup of coffee at 7:15 in the evening. Lol. I wonder how differently we would all think about each other if our avatars were really a picture of what we looked like WHILE tPF-ing! Just thought I would share!:P
  2. Oh isn't THAT the truth!!!
  3. Thats soo funny I feel the same way -Im in my bed right now-- Keeping up with the Kardashians on the TV- wearing an oversized sweatshirt- sipping on a large glass of white wine--life is good! :wlae:
  4. LMAO....Im in bed with a sick kid hacking all over me...In my jammies..watching the Ghost Whisperer.....
    VERY GLAMOROUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Im sitting on the couch watching the break-up (hubby is in cali) and im painting my nails and eating ice cream!!!
  6. Oh Jill....I feel for you my 3 yr old was sick last week with an upper respiratory/flu--last Wed. she threw up all over my bed linens and carpet--try getting used blueberry stains out of sheets and carpet :wtf:
    hang in there!!
  7. Here down under it's 10.20am and I've been up three hours but am still getting around in a bathrobe and thongs (flip flops) ... just ironed a pair of pants and have yet to do the top before I can get dressed. It's so nice to start the weekend with tPF! :okay:
  8. I'm usually in sweat pants and one of my husband's old shirts, but I have been known to add a touch of glamour to the above... and wear my MB Mary Janes.:nuts:
  9. Too funny!

    As usual, sitting here in flannel lounge pants b/c even tho it is almost the middle of April it is STILL cold here :tdown:

    Oh, and I have three dogs slobbering on me :lol:
  10. I'm naked.

    NOOOO JUST KIDDING!! Sorry it's been a heckuva week. But I tend to spend plenty of quality time in jammies or sweats on tPF. I swear up and down I've always been clothed when posting, HTH.
  11. Yoga pants and hoodie here!:P

    I had a sick kid on Tuesday and the other one was sick yesterday!
  12. I'm still in work clothes, i need to get comphy PJ"S on and lay in bed. I'm always glamourous. lol
  13. After languishing in the tub for half an hour, I'm in my jammies at my home desk. Yep, this is the life!!
  14. Trust me, I typically look horrible while on tPF!!!!!
  15. lmaooo I am on TPF everywere, but mostly on my couch with a large pillow, blanket, and snacks!