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  1. So without naming names. There are some people on here that seem to buy something from Coach everyday. I am not exaggerating. It is like every day they have a new bag, or wristlet or keyfob. How is this possible ? Please share your secrets, is it possible to actually shop this much and spend this much money ? I know I would run out of money, lol !
  2. I'm one of the guilty ones. However, you're seeing me in shopping mode. I'm about to go into saving mode again.

    I buy in cycles. I hit eBay really, really hard for a month and nab some amazing deals. You'd all be shocked if you knew some of the deals I've nabbed in the past. I don't buy that much from the boutique.

    Once I've spent my money and made my cards scream, I cool off into saving mode for 6-12 months at a time. I pay off all purchases and go back to scrimping. I sell other random stuff on eBay and save the money from odd jobs that I do rather than spending.

    I never go into debt for more than 2 months at a time over my purchases, and I know when to cut myself off. I'm lucky in that I have a lot of freedom and little responsibilities right now. My discretionary income is just that, and if I want to go to Coach, I can!

    I should mention that I have 2 automatic withdrawls from every pay: 401K and into a savings account that I don't touch.

    I may spend, but I'm not going to end up in the poorhouse over some purchases.
  3. :roflmfao:


    I'd like to know this too...

    I have major shopping sprees 1-2x year with random purchases here and there. I NEVER pay full price. It has to be PCE, Outlet, or eBay. Every once in a while-- I'll get a full price gift from DH--- but he knows better now! :p

    I'd love to know how some of you ladies to it though!! :nuts:
  4. You are reading my mind...esp. with PCE going on. Some of these posts (which are so totally fun to look at) make me shake my head with wonder and jealousy!
  5. :rolleyes:YOU don't own great blocks of stock, real estate, objects'd art, and banking interest that defies depletion!?! Doesn't your FATHER own the cattle on a thousand hills?

    I can only speak for myself. It's not ME!
  6. oh, it's very possible.

    things will die down when pce is over.
  7. man i m confused entheos lol
  8. That's only one of the 7 deadly sins, but they are all here at the Purse Forum. There is balance without compromise and seeing all this STUFF can make you want more. Feed me food that is convenient for me lest I steal and take thy name in vain!?! Ya, it's preachy but there is truth to it.
  9. I know exactly what you are talking about. Before PCE I wasn't looking for new bags. I was perfectly content with my new medium black sig carly. BUT THEN PCE comes around and next thing I know I bought over 700 dollars worth of stuff.:wtf: I did return 300 dollars worth though. It was total impulse. If I had a credit card I am almost positive I would have bought more. Although I am very happy with my white leather ergo hobo. That was a great buy.
  10. I am being sarcastic. I would be really surprised if there were any billionaires on the forum. But we are all provided for one way or another!
  11. oh ok lol... i wish i was a billionnaire
  12. I hope I do not fall into this category. :sad:I think since I started posting on tPF I have bought quite a few items, but a lot of them were from Ebay and a good bit of them have been returned or exchanged. I think I had to get the excitement and obsession out of my system and have now settled down and KNOW what styles/colors, etc. I like and which ones will last me a long time. I have bought/sold/traded/exchanged/returned. It's been crazy, but I am SATISFIED!! (Although tonight's purchase was just too good to pass up since I already had to return the Ergo Wristlet and my defective Umbrella, plus the PCE discount still counts!! WHO could pass it up!?!?):p
    SO...right now, in my possession I own:
    • Turquoise Ergo Tote (PCE)
    • Sig Stripe Swingpack (white) (Mother's Day Gift)
    • Sig Stripe Mini Skinny (white) Mother's Day Gift)
    • Sig Stripe Wristlet (Punch) (my first OFFICIAL Coach Purchase)
    • Legacy Kh/Eb Sig Pocket Mini Skinny (bought to go w/my Shoulder Zip that I just sold to afford my PCE purchase; sold my Carly, too)
    • Scribble Beauty Case (PCE - only $33!!)
    • A couple of charms/keyfobs
    • Sm Red Leather Hobo (super deal)
    • Chelsea Sig Small Flap (as of tonight, PCE)
    So....I hope that clears ME!!! ;)
  13. 2007 has been a year of total handbag gluttony for me. So far I have purchased 9 bags!! Usually I buy 4-5 bags in a 12 month period. OK, so 5 were during a PCE and 1 was from Ebay. I don't really know why I am so hungry for bags lately but I will say this forum keeps my appetite whet! I don't feel any of my purchases were impulse or poor choices. My dh is ok with what I have bought but I don't want to become someone who is always on the hunt and never satisfied with what I have.
  14. honestly, I'm just here to enjoy and be inspired by what others are drooling over or bought or whatever. I don't analyze it too much who is buying what or who isn't.
  15. I agree...there are all different types of people on this Forum, from all different walks of life! Let's not be too hasty to judge others when we don't really know anything about them. :yes: I just enjoy reading the posts and putting in my $.02. I'll admit, I have definitely been driven to buy by being part of this forum! It hasn't been great for my wallet, but everything is paid for now and it's been fun, so no worries.
    IMO, if people want to buy countless numbers of bags a day...more power to 'em! I wish I were one of 'em,'s fun to "watch" anyway!! :popcorn:
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