You know when you got bitten by the b-bug!


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Jun 2, 2006
I dont know if this thread has ever been started as im new to this balenciaga forum! :confused1:

I was wondering when did you know you finally got bitten by the b-bug.. was it stumbling into this forum one day and now its your favourite? or always a fan from afar until your very first purchase..or any other reason?

i realised that i converted into a b fan when i bought my first bag...i loved the colour, texture of the leather and lightness! i realised i got the bug as now im constantly on this forum rather than chloe! my heart goes weak at a sight of another members new purchase...i drool over them and thinking ...could this be my next purchase? i scowl through ebay and any other web that sells them to see if i can find a bargin...whats worse im considering to sell all my chloes to fund another bag which i know will be a city but colour is undecided as theres too much to choose from!! :shame:

so just thought it would be interesting to know what made you love balenciaga?


Bag Lady
Jul 15, 2007
I was a fan from afar since about 03 then I finally bought one and that was it! I sold a bunch of LV, Gucci and Manolos to buy more! And right now I'm thinking what else can I sell so that I can get two or three :shame: 08 bags instead of one!
It's really a bad obsession!


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Apr 17, 2007
Fantasy Island
I discovered them on TPF (was very much into Paddies at the time) then went to NM to look at them carefully to see what the big deal was. I tried on an Anthra GGH Day, and said 'eh'....

24 hours later I was racing back to NM fearing that my silky, gorgeous Anthra GGH would be sold and gone!!! I bought her without any further hesitation, and then the obsession began...Black City, Black GGH Work, and Violet First followed soon after (plus a few others I bought and returned:girlsigh:)! I still need a Red City to complete my collection. Yes I am OBSESSED!


Oct 13, 2007
Years ago, I worked with someone who was a big fan and had many, many bags. I admired them (she had great taste in general -- I loved to see her outfits each day!) and began to consider taking the plunge. But I was just starting to buy pricey bags and was worried that the look might be "over" (they were everywhere in NYC at the time). I bought a Bottega instead (which I love!) and began to really "appreciate" nicer bags. :yes: Kept passing on Bal for assorted reasons, but finally took the plunge this fall...and now I'm hooked! Already planning a 2008 purchase!


Aug 24, 2007
Years ago when i saw pictures of Nicole and the Olsens carrying Bbags, i really wanted 1 but i tot they were really expensive! And i was a logomaniac crazy about Gucci and Dior then.

Only in Sep this yr, that i decided to get a full leather bag and rediscovered my love for Balenciaga after stumbling onto TPF!
So i went down to the ONLY Bal boutique in SG, i tried on all the styles but they didn't have the colors i wanted and its ridiculously overpriced compared to the States.

I even dreamt of buying a Turq WE in my dreams! It was crazy. I tot i was going bonkers.

So i ordered 1 from LVR, but the ordered took so long to processed that i BIN another on Ebay.
A month or so later, ordered a WE (finally) from AR! :yahoo:

I'm so addicted to the colors and leathers!
Now i looked at all the colors on the street and wonder if its similar to any Bal colors! :shame:


Jul 16, 2007
Santa Monica
I knew of the brand for years, but I saw so many bbags worn so chic-ly when I was in Italy last year and I knew I had to have one. Or two...or three! I used to be loyal to Prada, but I sold them all off to feed my new obsession.


Mar 28, 2007
My obsession started in late June/early July of this year when I walked out of the Botkier sample sale in Soho empty-handed. It was a nice day and I had time before meeting a friend on 22nd and 5th so I decided to walk to BalNY since I knew it was nearby and I 411-ed the address.

BalNY is super minimalist and I was super intimidated, but the bags looked nice, the SA tried to get me to buy a Vert Gazon work and I wasn't having it, too big, too green, I really want something black but couldn't rationalize a 1300 purchase (the most I had spent on a bag at that point was 650 and it was a Gucci) so I decided a coin purse would be cute to hold my camera. Bought one, became insane with leather fever, bought a bag from a tPFer 4 days later, and the rest is history. I sold off most of my other bags, I still need to sell off more (but I really hate dealing with ebay), and I've bought 3 bags and a MU clutch since then (and I'm waitlisted for 3 bags and 2 coin purses for 08 :Push:smile:.Right now, while I wait for the 08s to flow in, I've been having a bit of an affair with Hermes leather accessories and a few scarves, but my heart still belongs to Balenciaga. :love:


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Oct 19, 2007
I mentioned in a recent post that I was never really much of a Balenciaga fan to begin with (I was more of an LV girl). But lately I've had the chance to see and feel some Balenciaga bags from a friend's collection, and all the exposure made me realize how gorgeous the leather is on these bags! I then went online to do a little research, and I came across a photo of the violet city. And since violet is my favorite color, I knew I had to have one! When I finally got my bag, it was love at first sight. :love: Balenciaga bags can be pricier than other bags (like say LV canvas bags) but at least they are made of pure leather, so you can rest assured that you're really paying for good quality and durability. :okay:

Bridget S.

Apr 27, 2006
I came to tPF to get an opinion on Brahmin bags and their quality and durability. I browsed the forums and actually laughed at Balenciaga bags. I thought they were sooooo ugly and the mirror!! A mirror!!

I liked the MJ Blake and went to Saks to look at it and then saw a Cornflower Twiggy. A Rouille Twiggy. That was it. The colours, the leather, the colours. Oh, did I mention the colours? : ) I played with the idea of such an expensive handbag, then prayed they hadn't sold it while I hemmed and hawed! I went back the next day, purchased the Cornflower, then went back the following day for the Rouille. That was it for me. I just fell in love with them in person.

My opinion on the mirror hasn't changed much. I take the mirror off my bags and keep it in the dustbag with the cards and extra tassels.

I wish you well,



Jul 1, 2007
Toronto Canada
Balenciaga was my first real love. Well, I guess after Coach. I fell in love with the city bag after seeing pics of it in People on all the stars. I never bought one, but I loved the feel of the leather and the tassles. Anyway this year after two years of looking and considering I finally took the plunge. I bought a brown GH Brief from the prefall 07 collection. It is a beautiful bag. I still really want a city bag (especially in a red or dk. green, but I am a large woman..hehe...and it just looks so small on me.


Oct 31, 2006
i discovered then in 04. i saw them on some of the celebs and knew i had to have one. but at the time you could not buy them where i lived. But i was going to Paris, so i picked one up there. A Day Bag... i fell in love with the leather :drool:


Oct 7, 2007
In the summer of 2005, I visited my cousin who lives and dies by the fashion industry. She had a beautiful '05 turquoise city that I admired, and it was the first time I paid much attention to Balenciaga (I was in an LV epi leather phase, and liked more structured looking bags). Although I thought the leather was beautiful, it was also at the height of Balenciaga motorcycle popularity, and I was afraid these bags would be like the LV multicolours and be over in a flash (I loved those as well, and still do in a collector kind of way).

Over two years later, I realized that I still loved the quality leather and amazing versatility of these bags. By then, I'd fully bought into the slouch factor. Also, I was rarely using the logo bags I'd previously acquired. I think the Balenciaga motorcycle styles have proven their staying power in the world of designer bags. I got my first black city, followed by a PT and another city, and haven't regretted a thing.
Oct 30, 2006
I had carried a diaper bag for the past few years so I decided when I was done with that that I wanted a nice bag. I looked at MJ and Coach but I didn't love either of them. When I heard about B-bags on another website, I learned about them but I couldn't see one in person for several weeks later. That was just over a year ago and my addiction is just as bad as ever. :smile:


Oct 14, 2006
Great thread!

I saw pics of a flat brass first many many years ago and knew b-bags were for me. I've toyed with the idea of other bags but always went back to b-bags. The leather, the style, the lightness - everything I wanted in a bag! And clearly not 'fad-dy'.

After years of admiring and researching I finally purchased my first (First) earlier this year and the obsession has continued.. I'm now up to 3 and the year is definitely not out!!! Love B-Bags.


Sep 4, 2007
How I knew I was addicted.. let's see. I had just ordered my very first bbag from AR and had been waiting for it to arrive. I had also put myself on the waitlist for a violet first at Cult Status in the meantime. The day AFTER my first bag arrived, I got an email from Cult Status saying they received a mini shipment of Violet Firsts. I zoomed down to the store with my NEW bbag, fell in love with the violet, and promptly bought one on the spot!!

And ever since I've been hogging the forums waiting for the ss08 colours :biggrin: