You know what really grinds my gears...

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  1. People who blatantly take other people's work! :evil:
  2. [​IMG]
  3. What grinds my gears?

    Rude, impatient and loud people.
  4. People who sit right next to you at the movies when there are other seats available :hrmm:
  5. How about the people who munch their <insert movie junk food> louder than the movie sound? :suspiciou
  6. OOh Noriko and Vlad! Yesterday there was a guy who refused to take off his blue blinking bluetooth mic! Lucky for me the crazy motorcycle man next me escorted him out! There can be no distractions while watching Matt Damon! :nuts:
  7. Totally hear you Vlad and HermesLover! I went to see that Emily Rose movie yesterday and there was some inconsiderate ass w/his sidekick text sound up full blast texting up a storm :evil: I would have threw some popcorn at him if I had some :mad:
  8. You know what really grinds my gears...

    People who are envious and retaliates by being rude. (I.E.: A envious person see's a GREAT designer bag they fancy, but instead of admiring it they would make smug remarks about the owner.) :sad:
  9. Or claim that it's fake... and then begin to bash on every aspect of the person being 'fake' - attitude, clothes, boobs, what have you.
  10. Another thing similar to what Kojiko said... a person who bad mouths you for what your parents buy you. I had a really hard time with that when I was younger (and I'm sure many of you fashion girls do too!) When I got new purses or my car when I turned 16, many people were talking smack about it and how I was spoiled. What they should have seen is that is was NOT MY MONEY! I did have to enter the real world too and now I make my own money, thank you very much!! :mad:
  11. I get that a lot too :evil: But most of the people saying it are usually just jealous so it doesn't bother me much anymore. I'd much rather be spoiled than suffering from want lol :smile:
  12. OMG! :cry: I finally found a place where there's people who I can relate to. :cry: Bless your heart! :cry:

    When my parents get me gifts. I hate when people turn green with envy, and talk smack about what I have (how I got it...parents are rich blah blah). I would often get very hurtful remarks. Sometimes I just go...FUDGE YOU MAN!

    I get that too! And sometimes I feel really depressed. (Sometimes the only thing that'll brighten up my day is a new designer purse. Gucci has been my emotional recently...) I recently had a taste of earning my own money. But my parents give me gifts, and just because they’re expensive don’t mean I'm spoiled. Not necessarily more $$$ = more love. It's just another way of showing their love & concern. I know I may be going off-topic but that’s how I feel...

    Megs rocks! :smile: Your cool! :smile:
  13. Life is tricky and different for everyone- but envy is one of the worst traits (I'm not perfect, I get quite envious too! Like today when the man no older than 35 pulled up next to me in his brand new Bentley :embarasse ) But people need to always keep things in perspective. Money does not buy happiness- only temporary fixes!
  14. I guess envy is a human trait. But people with the drive to actually do something with their envy is something else.

    Really a Bentley? SWEET! :smile: I think that's the car that I drive in my dreams. LOL In my DREAMS. hehe :smile:
  15. You know what else grinds my gears... being realllllly tired and wanting to be able to sleep, but can't. Exactly what I am experiencing right now! :mad: