You know what is nice about handbags....

  1. When I have extra $$$ I rather get a handbag over a skirt. The reason being is your handbag you wear all the time. If you get pregnant gain 5lbs your skirt may not fit or look right but, handbag regardless it hot. Just my deep thought of the day and one of the reasons why I do not mind spending more of a nice designer handbag. Also handbags stand out more than your earrings. People accutually see your handbag first. That is my deep thought of the day of handbags.:girlsigh:
  2. completely agree Gucci Gal, and I also feel the same about Shoes. Shoes and Bags just seem much more visable than an outfit, and I always check out these two things before I look at what somebody is wearing :biggrin:
  3. That's a great point! I must show this to DH later, too, so that he'll agree to go shopping again this weekend. :yes:
  4. Get pregnant and gain 5 lbs????

    I get your point though...that is one of my main reasons for loving bags!
  5. agree with you too.
    now middle labels like zara or mango can cost me more than 100$ for a dress/skirt. i'd rather not buying 10 dress & get something from vintage store & save the money for 1 designer bags.
    it lasts forever...
  6. Thats the best thing that I have heard all day!

    This is why I havent bought any clothes in a LONG time....and yet handbags/accessories seem to keep popping up in my collection.
  7. Yes! I love them for these reasons...:love:
  8. ITA. No matter how much weight I gain or lose, my shoes and bags always fit!
  9. Soo true ladies and well said...cheers to handbags!!!!!
  10. I'm sooo with you!! The first reason I got into bags was that I gained weight and all my nice cloths didn't fit anymore. Therefor I prefer to spend big $$$$ on a bag rather than on cloths plus they have a re-sale value, cloths don't have it that much. The other only designer I buy are DvF dresses because they look nice when you are a bit curvy and nice cahmere sweaters because they last a decade as well.
  11. I totally agree! Bags are more durable than clothes, and you can keep carrying them even though you gain or loose some weight. Classic bags will never go out of style either, and for example limited LV pieces aren't just something nice - they're investment objects that I can enjoy on all levels.
  12. This is also the reason that my bags are much nicer than my clothes. Almost every single day, I wear some kind of edgy rock-style tee shirt and jeans with my Nikes. Might not look right when I carry LV or Balenciaga, but I don't care!