You know what I love about TPF?


Gem rescuer!
Jan 9, 2011
Apart from meeting all of the nice people here!

1. I like the fact that we share a common love for something.

2. I can come here to get refreshed after a hard day. Talking about jewelry with liked-minded people is soothing to me.

3. Related to #2, it's just about the jewels--nothing to argue about, like politics, etc. Just jewels. Period.

4. I don't have to feel guilty about my passion, and wearing expensive stuff. I don't have to worry about anyone criticising the fact I spend money on nice things. I've seen youtube videos of ladies posting their jewelry stash, and some of the comments, "Don't you feel guilty, having all of that superficial stuff, when people are less fortunate than you?" (And no, I don't. I work hard so I can buy my stuff; hubby works hard so he can buy me stuff. I do quite a bit of charitable stuff, as well. Even some of my jewelry is bought to help a charity, such as cat rescue; when I die, I'd like it sold off to benefit charity.)

5. It's an adult form of show and tell for jewelry!!!! So much fun!!!!

6. Everyone is so nice and civilised.

7. The mods are great!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!!!!
Oct 6, 2007
Shopping for Sparkle
completely agree! I love being able to share jewellery reveals and see everyone new pieces! my friends don't share the same love of jewellery and my family just rolls their eyes, even though my mom and sister totally benefit from my addiction LOL


Oct 25, 2011
Oh, I SO agree! I'm so happy to have found TPF. Jewelry just makes me happy, and it's so nice to be able to enjoy discussions about it without feeling frivolous or guilty. While the contents of my jewelry box are slim pickins' right now, I have grand aspirations (my poor husband!). Looking at other people's gorgeous pieces gives me a vicarious thrill, and it also helps strengthen my resolve to save for my upgrade diamond. I have fun daydreaming about what pieces will come next on my wish list after that.


Jul 28, 2010
I'd never thought about it like that but you are so right!

I am a member of a parenting forum and it always ends up with people jumping on others who don't bring their children up in a certain way or who have different parenting ideas. It even gets nasty, down to name calling! I stopped using it because I was fed up with being ridiculed.

But here ... I've never had a problem!

Perhaps its cos only lovely sparkly and pretty people like lovely sparkly and pretty things!
Jan 22, 2009
I agree...especially with #4 & 5! in fact, I was just talking about this on tPF recently. it's really nice to have anonymity & be able to talk about our things without having to worry about bragging or anything like that.


Jan 12, 2006
Very nice post! ITA, I love this website and especially this forum :love: