You know what..before Hermes influences..

  1. I was talking to my DH about my next bag... :p and it suddenly came to me that eversince Hermes influences started, I never look at bags and colors the same..

    Before Hermes, I just need a bag in Black and one in Brown and maybe a Red and that’s it. It's all generic coded..

    After Hermes, I need a bag in Black Box and one in Noisette in VL and a Rouge Hermes in Fjord.. :graucho:

    I plan next bag purchases by … ohh what is the color that is almost khaki but not as beige?? And what Red has the blue undertone? Which leather is a workhorse…

    I realized that eversince my Hermes love began, I took colors for granted, knowing Hermes will have the color match that I want. So here's to remind myself, Hermes does colors very well and that we are soo spoiled for choices and I am really happy to have found Hermes... now just need a money tree ;)

    Tell me please, I am not the only one... :kiss:
  2. You're not the only one. :smile:
  3. GT: Question : Do you try to match a color in Hermes bag for an exisiting bag that you already have?

    For me... that is what I found myself doing, since I already have a working system :biggrin:
  4. princessfrog, sounds all too familiar!!!

  5. familiar and painfully expensive and frustrating. Only at hermes do you get congratulated for buying a bag that was not exactly what you wanted!!!
  6. All the options seem overwhelming, especially because it's so hard to see bags in different leathers/colors.
  7. Hermesaholic : :p:yes::sweatdrop:
  8. Totally agree :yes: :woohoo: :wlae:
  9. Amanda: :dothewave: :dothewave: :dothewave:
  10. PF, that's so funny. I was just looking at my things and remembering the days when a Ziploc bag used to suffice instead of the variety of makeup bags I now have. I totally agree with your statement. There's something about Hermes and the tremendous amount of options you have that never makes one bag or accessory enough.

    Now it can't just be one black Kelly--it's one in Retourne for casual daily wear and one in Sellier. I'm trying to trim the group down to the basics, but it's challenging!
  11. Orchids, I so hear you on that. But I need to focus on something Brown for the moment and with the new colors coming out.... I need the money tree .... ;)
  12. PF - You are so funny!!!! :yahoo: Ok, let's do together
  13. OMG! how true. HHeels really should be here!
    And, there is sellier, retourne, and mou and rigide to boot!

  14. CB, Amanda: let's do the wave:dothewave:
  15. princessfrog, Hermes has definitely changed the ways I look at leather goods. It's beyond just colours. It's studying and analysing what shades of colours I like best in which leather, and slowly checking/crossing out one by one in my mind. And also deciding whether I like them better in GHW or PHW. I also keep loads of photos and then refer to them before I make a final decision of what I want. Most visits to the store include looking at the leather books. :yes: