You know those pics Minnillo and Lachey paid to hide...? Well...

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  1. ...they've surfaced.

    I'm not giving a link here because they are way explicit IMO.

    It's not pics of them having sex-- those have been bought-- but pics of her naked on the same day. You can find where they are at, but they aren't actually on his site. They were published in a spanish magazine-- and it ain't pretty.

    IMO... :throwup: :yucky::wtf:You're a celebrity. The price of fame is no privacy. I don't care if you're on vacation-- keep your clothes on! But at the same time, the paparazzi are way too invasive. That they took these pics, then published them, is TOTALLY out of control and completely disgusting on their part.

    Anyway, yeah. :yucky: If I was her I'd be :boxing: livid!
  2. eww I saw the link this morning and was too scared to click.
  3. Oh, it's super-gross.
  4. The link on Perez won't work...maybe it's for the best, lol.
  5. If you look at the comments on Perez's page, one of them is to there, I posted it... lol
  6. yes, but nick's pics didn't leak (so far) only hers...
  7. Oh my gosh... she must be horrified.
  8. I've seen them. They're not obscene. In the pictures, Vanessa's the one uncovered.

    One is a full frontal and the other one is a profile view. She's topless and has a towel wrapped around her waist.

    If I were her, I'd actually be more embarrassed about the sex pictures being released.
  9. There's a shot of Nick's butt around somewhere I saw, from the same pics :nuts: it's quite nice :shame:
  10. oh, okay. :biggrin:
  11. They are OTT.
  12. umm yeah
  13. What's the big deal about the pictures? Because she has hair down there? Big deal. Oh shocking!!!! NOT! It's better than seeing Brit's c-section scar!
  14. ^No one said anything about her hair down there? :confused1:

    What's shocking is there are nude pictures of a celebrity. That will always be shocking to a lot of people even if it's Paris' cooch we've all seen a million times.
  15. This thread is enough for me. Don't need any more links, LOL.