you know that mj stamish bag in the shape of an oversized coin purse..

  1. its a decent size, and seeing how i usually dont carry everything i need with me (finally my memory is paying off) i was thinking of getting that as a bday myself lol. has anyone seen it/own it? if you do own it im guessing you use it for parties and such, but do you think i could make it work? basically if it can carry a 3 by 5 agenda, a mini skinny, my razr like samsung phone then we're in business, oh and at elast the dust cover of my chanel sunnies. which is why i dont think the chain would be as bad to carry around.. but have you seen this bag? what do you think? do you like it? if so what color? okay enough with 20 questions, ill let you do the talking now lol.
  2. Do you mean the baby stam?


    If so, it's a very cute bag! I think someone on the forum recently purchased one, and it looks pretty roomy.
  3. yes! thats the one! i was thinking of buying that in either the black or that color.. what is that in the picture?
  4. I think it's a metallic gold. It's from the Neiman Marcus website.

    I've seen the black and mouse color baby stams at Nordstorm near where I live.

    Good luck!
  5. i have a black baby stam and i love it!
    it's a great alternative to the regular stam for me, bc i'm petite and the stam overwhelms me. plus it is SO heavy!
    i think you can fit all those things in the bag, but it's more about maneuvering it in.
    i'll try to take pics of mine later.
  6. I bought a mouse baby stam a few months back and returned it because it was too small. I prefer the regular stam.
  7. I have a FY06 Black Stam and I'm not sure I want to keep. I've been thnking of exchanging it for the baby Stam. I think the baby is adorable and gorgeous...
  8. What is the length of the chain???
  9. ^i've been looking for this bag in black too. have any of you seen these in any Neiman Marcus or Saks?
    also, is the chain long enough so you can wear it horizontally across your body?
  10. I have seen Black Baby Stam at Nordstrom, Bloomies, NM, etc. very recently.
  11. oops, i promised to post pics.
    here is a picture of my baby stam, and what it can carry comfortably. i think i could fit a bit more into it but then the clasp would pop open!
    babystam.JPG Bags 031.jpg
  12. Is that the icy leather? If so, gorgeous! :love: :love:
  13. no it goes inbetween my underarm and elbow, but i have unusually long arms and legs compared to my tiny taurso lol so im not the best to measure, but i like that my arm falls over the bag comfortably. i think the regular stams just totally overwhelm me, im still use to smaller bags, so i think this would be a good fit, but i have a question- why wouldnt it be good for everyday? like i mean everyday for me would be everynight i suppose and when i go shopping etc. i dont think i would bring this to work, dental office eww, ill leave that to one of my lesportsac or a longchamp. it is bbecause of the material or becuase of the way it looks. the thing i like about it that it looks so cute and elegant that it would be fun to dress up or down in imo, but i dont have a sense of style yet lol but thats why i have you guys! lol :nuts:
  14. BEAUTIFUL! wow if that carries that much comfortably i think you just sold me on the bag! may i ask how much? ive heard the black is rarer then the other colors, so would that mean the black would me more then say the taupe?