You know that Head Phone Bag?

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  1. Its black with gold headphones? I dont have a pic of it, but I overheard how the design came up today at my LV...

    Apparently MJ was high on some sort of drug... and he took a fendi bag and taped head phones on it and said thats out next big seller!


    you can think what you want but this is what I was told by an LV SA
  2. Haha, that's great!:roflmfao:
  3. for a momnet there i thought YOU bought one! :P the story doesn't seem too far-fetched. he was probably having an acid trip when he designed the Fringe bags :lol:
  4. haha w/e I LOVE Marc and ALWAYS will! LOOOVED the FRINGE
  5. Was he serious?
    Lol. Oh well. I do love Marc's designs...I love different things anyway.
  6. Well all great designers have to get their inspiration somewhere! LOL
  7. This is a funny story, but I really can't recall the bag. Does anyone have a pic or the name of it?
  8. It's not out yet, in the look book....

    who knows how he came up with it....story sounds urban legend to me...
  9. hahahha...i see.
  10. They actually decided they weren't going to release it. I'll post a pic in a minute, if I can find it.
  11. [​IMG]
  12. it's not too bad looking, but the headphone thingies look heavy!
  13. I love Mark, his new look and those fringe bags! :blah:
  14. I must say mark looks pretty hawt now and not only has he lost weight he looks MUCH younger!!!!
  15. *Marc