You know its time to get back in the gym when....

  1. ... you go to put on your workout clothes ... and none of them fit!!! :tdown:

    ARGH!! I am headed to the campus Rec Center today after being on a TOO LONG hiatus from my usual workout routines... After marrying 2 years ago, my fitness level began to slump off and fell into an all-time low while running my business (dance studio), selling the business to move for my husband's career, and then subsequently moving around over a period of time about 9 months, so I wasn't able to get into any sort of routine - combined with the fact that I didn't *need* to keep an eye on my excercise & fitness level as I wasn't dancing anymore... (All right, all right - NO excuses here!! Time to start owning up to my choices. ;))

    Alas... the much awaited time has come. I am headed to the Rec Center in the ONLY t-shirt I could find that fit and some extremely stretchy dance pants. (The t-shirt has my undergrad alma mater on it... I hope I don't get tarred & feathered. I'm in grad school at a different university.)

    Anyone out there at the beginning of their journey?? Anyone that would like to start a support thread for those of us that may have "strayed" of the beaten path of fitness... but desperately would like to hop back on? :p

    PS- Not only am I going to have to buy new workout clothing this week... but I am also going to have to buy new trainers, as I apparently thought it was a great idea to get rid of ALL of my tennis shoes during my hiatus, sans the ones I use for mowing and the "glitter pink" Nikes I'm wearing now... Long story, but they met their prime a while ago... :push:
  2. ... your DH asks if you're pregnant :wtf:... and you haven't had sex ...
  3. I'll join you!
    I've been eating salads and light meals all week for the last 2 weeks and lost 3lb. Then I had a bad day yesterday and the full 3lb went back on again! :cursing:
    I'm back to square one now :rolleyes:
  4. LOL :roflmfao::roflmfao:.

    (((Big hug))) you'll get there. :tup:
  5. Yep bags, that is so me right now! My gains all started when we adopted DS and it sent my whole world out of whack. He is now a little older and takes up my time in a different way.
    I started Weight Watchers last Sunday and am visiting the gym regularly - lost 3 lbs. this week!
    I have a whole drawer of workout clothes as well that I would love to fit back into (I also made a trip to buy new ones)
    I can definitely feel for you. Let us know how the progress goes!
  6. ...Your definition of excercise becomes so loosely defined, that it includes "hitting an extra mall that day, instead of just the one you originally intended to visit"... :graucho:

    Yea!! Thanks for the responses ladies!! I got back from my first workout this morning - and even though it was fairly short since I'm just starting out (again)... I feel really good!!

    bonniec - LOL... that is too funny!! But I know exactly how that feels, I think my family thought I was pregnant when I started gaining the weight... but couldn't figure out why I never *announced* anything!! I overheard my dad & sister whispering something on a trip a few months ago. :rolleyes:

    ILoveMyBug - I love to hear from people that are just beginning their journey or working at getting momentum, etc!! Eatting right is the hardest part for me right now, because I was restricted from eatting so many things when I was dancing... then when everything became "not restricted", I went bonkers!! Plus with eatting, like you mentioned - you can quickly undo all of the good things that were accomplished...

    kidlearner - Congrats on joining Weight Watchers!! :tup: I am going to attempt to curb my eatting habits on my own, because I know how I used to eat... but I've had something like that in the back of my mind - so you'll have to let me know how you like it!!

    Well... I picked up some new workout items when I was at Target today... so that's a start!! Now I just need to order some new trainers from Zappos!

    Next task... tackle my eatting habits & stop eatting junk!! :p
  7. gain back the 25 pounds you lost 2 years ago and none of your nice dresses fit anymore.:cursing:

    That's me. I got a treadmill last week and plan to use it every day. I'll join you in this thread if you don't mind.:smile:
  8. Great thread! I went back 2 weeks ago and haven't got over that "totally out of breath after 5 min on bike and ache like a 90 year old" stage yet...

    I'm going in an hour, know it's gonna be hard..:sweatdrop:
  9. have to put on two layers of Spanx in order to get into your jeans! :rolleyes: Yep, that was me this morning.
  10. I'm actually worried that I'm starting to binge eat. :sweatdrop:
  11. ... you look at yourself in jeans from the behind in the mirror... and you go DAMN...:wtf:
  12. ^ :p Oh that one is good... When I see myself from behind in general I am starting to think that... (Is it possible to gain weight in your BACK???)

    ILoveMyBug - I KNOW I binge eat.. :sad: After holding back from eatting anything bad for so long, I can't be left around bread products or sweets. I can be doing so well one day, and then DH isn't home yet, I get bored & frustrated and down whatever I can find that is close by....

    I think after my next grocery trip this week, I am going to clean out the fridge and throw away all of those "bits & pieces" things... You know? The 3 leftover string cheeses, the one ice cream drum left in the freezer, etc... because these types of things get me in trouble when they pop up one day, and I think "Oh, I should eat that so it doesn't get wasted!!" :rolleyes:

    Then, after I get some things at the grocery store, I think I'm going to get ziploc baggies and PRE-PACKAGE some snacks & stuff... I know this REALLY helped before. So say, I was 15 pretzels and 10 carrot sticks for a snack, or something like that... I will pre-package all of that so that I don't just dump stuff out of the bag, and then after I finish it, think "Oh... maybe just one more... or two.."

    Also... I didn't ever used to drink soda - and now of course I'm addicted to Diet Cherry Coke & Diet Dr. Pepper... so to wein myself off, I'm going to get one 2L and try to make it last all week... Then stock the fridge with water bottles, fruit water, and Gatorade...

    I know these ideas will help me to get going... but its just a matter of STICKING to them that help. I know when I was dancing and could only eat certain things during the week, I would let myself have a treat every Sunday or every other Sunday, and it was more moderated... Now I just think, "Oh, that looks good!" and eat it... so I need to get back on the more "reward & treat" system..... :tup:

    PS - I'm drinking Blueberry Tangerine water from Target right now... and its really good!! :yes:
  13. Last night my BF was away with work, and so when I got home I thought "ooh I'll have a packet of crisps while I watch the simpsons". I went to the cupboard and couldn't decide which to eat so I ate two packs! :push:

    Then I had some white bread with my tea, aargh :sad:

    Last night was NOT a good night! I think I might start doing my food diary again, that did make me think twice before I ate things I shouldn't.

    Half the problem I think is that I sit at my desk between 9am and sometimes up until 7.30pm so it doesn't give me a lot of exercise, or time to do exercise in the evenings!
  14. ... your family tells you look a lot "healthier" and better as a size 6-8 than your former size 2.

    Update, this thread motivated me. I went to the gym for the first time today in 2 years! Spent 35 minutes on a bike, then another 15 minutes jogging on a treadmill. It's a start.:wlae:
  15. That's a good idea!! I was thinking of starting a food diary again, but I think I should definately do it now... I would probably be appalled by all of the little incidental snacks that make their way into my mouth.... :rolleyes: (Let's see... today I've already had 2 Girl Scout trefoil cookies and some beef jerky that would have otherwise gone unaccounted for... off to find a notebook to make my food journal).

    WELL,... my family thinks I look "healthy"... but keep dropping (not so) subtle hints as to "whether I'm still working out or not".... Hmpfh. (And I was formerly a size 6-8, so you can only imagine what getting into double digits has gotten me....)

    This thread is motivating me too!!! TODAY, I am going to start my food journal... and I went to the gym this morning and increased my flexibility & time on the elliptical by very small increments!! Probably by a week or so from now, I will be ready to incorporate a little bit of weight lifting!

    Whenever I get comfortable with the idea... I'm thinking of posting a "before" pic... so those of us at the beginning can share our before, during, and *hopefully* after photos... Is this a good idea?? Or no??