You know It's Hot When....

  1. Hi all
    Sitting here close to my air conditioner in the Baked Apple....have been trying to be good and conserve, but couldn't help myself. How y'all doing in the heat? I was just thinking that it's strange that 88 degrees with humidity actually sounds good....That is, if the front comes through for us:P :rant: (I clicked on the wrong smiley and can't get rid of it.)
  2. This heat is driving me nuts. I feel worse for my animals thought. My dog hates going outside when it's super humid. My horses are all tucked into their stalls with box fans cooling them off and they all seem quite content. During the heat of the day they aren't happy though. Thankfully today it poured rain and finally started to cool off. Tomorrow isn't going to be too bad!
  3. I always feel very sorry for the animals in this heat...all that fur. I read a sad story about a poor dog that was left in the sun. Poor thing. Trying to keep cool thoughts.
  4. Oh it was nasty today & yesterday...I drove by a bank in my area & it said it was 102. Thank goodness I don't work outside! Even though the AC isn't working the best right now.
  5. This weather has been attrocious and it was a fast day for me today.

    G-d only knows how but I fasted 25 hrs in this weather.
  6. muahahaha you new englanders are getting our southwestern heat/humidity! :evil laugh: it's cooled down A LOT here for us and i am ever so grateful for the break. it was so frickin hot that we lost power in LA (leading to the shut down of and plenty of other websites)...

    i think the highest i've ever seen it reach so far this summer (it's really just starting for soCal.. our summer's are july-october) has been about 112. >_<

    just hang in there guys! it'll be over soon enough!
  7. I live in Arizona and it's HOT... but no humidity which I can't stand :censor: ...yuck!
    Sure it's like 115' almost everyday ( :wtf: ) in the summer here, but then for about 8 months we have the most amazing weather!
    Today we did "cool off" and it was only about 100' :roflmfao:
  8. ^ i rather have heat and no humidity.. dry heat is so much better than humid sticky heat. like last week.. omg.. i swear the whole week i woke up and was in the phillippines or something instead of socal.
  9. Erhmmmm it is so bloody hot here today.. on the subway platform I nearly just passed out... Hoping tomorrow really will be better!!
  10. me tooooooooo ^^ :wtf:
  11. ugh i just took a shower and am sitting in front of my fan with the AC on!!!
  12. its almost 100 degree here... i've been hiding in the house.
  13. You know, 100 degrees in NYC is tough, but I have been hotter. Try Mexico in July. I think it was 117 in the shade. When walking in the sun, I felt like someone was applying a match to my body. I was covered, too. So I am grateful for my iced drinks and AC.
  14. I live in Atlanta and this is pretty regular for us. I love the hot hot hot weather!!! :beach:
  15. It's miserable here in western Kentucky too. What is up with this coast to coast heat wave? Global warming? I am so tired of this, can't wait for fall. Although around here, you sometimes still need AC in November!