You know, I'm really starting to dig the new hardware. Anyone else?

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  1. I've decided that the new hardware is so elegant and it looks so much higher end than the old hardware. Plus, even though its brighter and shinier, its actually less gold than the old bronze hardware. Its like a pale gold. And in the silver, its even more striking. I wish Rebecca made more colors with the silver hardware. Its just so gorgeous!

    Plus, I finally figured out how to unclasp the dang sides. Phew! Its kind of a pain, but I can deal.
  2. I love the new hardware. I have my first bag, a dusty MAM with the silver hardware and it's so elegant. It's got a mod, classy look.

    I also wish for more RM bags with silver hardware. Maybe a future collection might have a few other colors for us.
  3. i love the new hardware! i actually prefer it more than the old one. i think it makes the bag look classier and elegant. though i like the look of the gold more than the silver, i wish they would just make it a little bit less shinny.
  4. Ha! It took me a few minutes too. I was like WHAT? Then I noticed the unexpected tab on the back to push up and voila! I was very impressed with this feature... very nice quality hardware in my opinion. Enjoy your new bags!
  5. I plead ignorance as I haven't seent he old hardware in real life so I am very happy with the current hardware although I would love to see more silver!!!!
  6. ^^^ doesn't your new Nikki have the old hardware??? :confused1:
  7. I really like the new hardware on my mam violet. I was hoping the prefall bags would have the new hardware too and they do! Like others have said it looks elegant. It is also a nice change from the tassels.

    ^circoit, I agree I like the silver hardware too!
  8. I like the new hardware much better! I think it's way sturdier and looks great!
  9. I like the new hardware, I think it makes the bags look like they're of better quality.
  10. I agree with all of you! the new hardware definitely makes the bags look MORE elegant and of better quality than before! I definitely like the MA more with the new hardware, and I like the tassels better on the matinee though!
  11. :drinkup:Dusty MAM sistahs!! Ditto on the new hardware!! I am loving it!! But I still have yet to get me a MAM with the tassels...:girlsigh:
  12. i agree, i absolutely LOVE the new hardware! i pulled out my older MAM in charcoal and black basketweave and the hardware is kinda blah on it (but i still love the bag!). But yea, more silver HW would be nice...
  13. well said!!! i agree...i like the new hardware on the mam/mabs, but like the tassels on the matinees.
  14. I like it well enough, but it does make the bag heavier. I'm hoping the brightness of it will wear off a bit in time - it's so shiny bright! I actually like the brass/tarnished look ... I know, I know, weird. My tangy MAM came last night and she has the new - I'm waiting for my black/blue stamp MAM to be delivered Monday, and she has the tassels. And the black basketweave MAM I guess will have the new HW, although FFL shows the old - she's not coming until June, I guess we'll find out then!
  15. I like the new hardware better because it is cleaner and more elegant and fits my style. The tassels were a bit too casual, plus I think the length of them dangling would drive me crazy. I'd have probably gotten them caught everywhere.