you know I love LV...

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  1. but I gotta draw the line on this one.

    View attachment 6990

    and I apologize if one of you has this.
    just my opinion.:shame:
  2. I LOVE that line! Conte des fees is so cute! haha

    To each her own i suppose!
  3. i love them too i think it's so cool how they incorporated the various LV canvases/leathers into one bag.....
  4. yes please don't be offended. it just looks like a "fever-dream" to me. maybe if I saw it in person?
  5. don't worry, I'm not a fan either!
    Whimsy? Maybe, but I don't like a whimsy LV so much! LOL!
  6. Agreed. :biggrin:
  7. I think I may like it, I want to see more, where might one find more pictures of that collection?
  8. take some acid and wait for the images to come flying by....
    just kidding! I found this one on E-Bay. I can try and find the link again if you'd like.
  9. ^^^LMAO:lol: :lol: :lol: !!! But I do love that line!!!
  10. So, I happen to own that exact bag...;)

    and it's my favorite LV bag so far. LOL!

    I think the bag causes a love it or hate it opinion..
    and I just love that it incorporates all different LV material and patch it into a whimsical canvas. but I can totally see why you don't like it.

    It's also a difficult bag to accomodate into your wardrobe because the main material is satin. It may look casual, but the bag itself is more formal.

    I found that the best way to wear the bag in its full potential is to wear it with a slim and simple little black dress when going to a cocktail party/date/semiformal.... making it more geared towards younger women (teens-20s), for playful fun partying, not for the classy evening gala ....
    (Please dont flame me for my definition of "youger")

    I find it much more comfortable because your hands are free, and you don't have to deal with the bag constantly coming off your shoulder...

    Ever since I got married, don't party as much, and advance in graduate studies, I carry it less and less....Just not as many occasions to wear it.. If anyone got questions I can answer them for ya!
  11. LOL!! I looked myself...I remember the frog from a few years back, right? I seem to remember absolutely loving their ads during that time! I'd definately buy the frog :love: I still want to see much more. more more! hehe
  12. It's cute....but would not look good on me at all!! There's something for everyone out there I guess.
  13. lmao! :lol: :lol: :lol:

    I'm not a fan of this line, either :shame: