You know anything about computers? If so, read this! I need help!

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  1. Hi everybody,

    I'm an avid player of the Sims 2 and I recently installed the new expansion pack (Seasons) and I have noticed that it takes a bit longer for the game to load on the neighborhood & family screens. Before, it used to go fairly quickly, taking around a minute to load each screen...Now it takes around 3-4 minutes. I'm not sure how exact that is since I don't really time it but it's nothing extremely long like 20 minutes.

    Anyway, here are my system specs:

    Computer type: Dell Inspiron 5150 Laptop (around 4 years old!)
    CPU: Intel Pentium 3.06 GHZ
    MEM: 512 MB (2 256 MB Pieces)
    I've got around 8 GB left, so space isn't really an issue
    Graphics Card: ATI Raedion Mobility 9000

    I thought about upgrading my memory (now that I was finally able to open the slot in the back, this has prevented me from doing it before!) maybe up to 1GB (My laptop can support 2GB). Would this help speed up the load times? And might I also get better graphics? The graphics are pretty good and clear up until a certain point (maybe after 15-20 minutes of gamplay, or after doing something that requires a lot of effort from the computer) but then it will go blurry, meaning that things like clothes and paintings start to become unclear.

    Thanks everybody!!

    Also, a few questions!

    1. Do the RAM pieces need to match? Meaning, do I need to buy 2 of the same size pieces?

    2. Can I live one of my old RAM pieces in the slot and install a new 1GB piece so I have 1256+MB of memory?

    3. Any other important things I need to know about buying memory & installing?
  2. Is your p3 chip enough for everything else that you do except for gaming? If so, you probably will be happy with just more memory -- I have 2mb in my laptop.

    Although most people say that you should have matching memory, when we upgraded mine from 1 to 2 mb, my SO put the old memory from my machine into his & it worked.
  3. ^^agree. Most RAM chips work okay together. I also suggest upgrading your RAM to 1 GB+
  4. Yep. I have a Pentium 4 and it's pretty much all I need :smile: Other than playing the Sims, all I do on here is write papers and read LJ and tPF! lol
  5. Adding more memory will definitely speed it up! Wow 512 is frickin slow!
  6. Good to know! haha, I have had this computer since I graduated high school 2003 and haven't done anything to it! :smile: I did have to send it into Dell once because I had a problem with memory (only one slot was recognized) and they ended up having to replace the motherboard (still under waranty, thank goodness!) but other than that I haven't done anything to my baby :sad: If more memory is going to solve my not-so-big problem, then I'm willing to give out that little bit of $$.

    Now all I need to know is:

    Can I take out one of the 256 pieces and leave the other one in there, and replace the one I took out with a 1 GB, or do I just need to buy two whole new memory pieces (two 512 pieces)?
  7. Yes, you can... I'm a bit confused...what do you mean by the slot in the back? A memory slot? Do you have 2 or 3 slots for memory? If you have 3, simply pull the 256 from slot 1 and put it into slot 3, then put the gig stick in slot 1 (you want to try to but the stick with the biggest amt in the fist slot). If you only have 2 slots, then pull the 256 from slot 1 and replace with the gig stick. Also, make sure you get the right kind. I'm thinking you might need DDR2 ram, but verify with your manual or Dell. Look at Super Buys - Computer Parts, PC Components, Desktop Computers, Laptops, Notebooks
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  8. I just installed my one piece of memory today (1gb) and everything is working fantastic :smile:

    Charles, I meant on the bottom of my laptop there's a little flap thingy with an "M" on it, where the memory is located and there were 2 slots in there...Sorry I wasn't very clear :smile:
  9. So you now have 1256 MB??? That should help a lot. Have you noticed a performance increase?
  10. That should help... update us!
  11. Im also interested in some updates, because my computer wont really tolerate the sims 2 anymore [ i have all expanisons except seasons. ]
  12. Absolutely!! My game runs much quicker, the load time is practically nothing now and the graphics are much more detailed.

    I also notice it when starting applications in Windows like Firefox. Before it took a bit to get started and now it comes up right away