You knew a handbag was for you when...

  1. Okay, I know sometimes it is love at first site. But what about those bags that you fell in love with through ads and photos that you didn't hit it off with immediately once it was in your hands?

    If you did eventually fall in love with it what was the deciding factor? Did you take it out for a swing in public and decided to keep it because of the looks/compliments you received? Or, like me, did you grow to love it? For instance, I received one of the Ediths I ordered two days ago. I put it away in my closet until the other Edith arrived (tomorrow at 4pm...whoo hoo) for comparison. When I first pulled Edith out of the dustbag I wasn't overwhelmed by her. But then later in the day I found myself thinking about her. Then this morning I took the Edith out of her dustbag and fell in love.

    Edith #1, the one that didn't overwhelm me two days ago, is now incredibly yummy to me. I thought to myself, "if tomorrow's Edith looks any better than this one then I may end up keeping them both!!!!" :hrmm:

    Then my husband walked by the open door, saw me kneeled on the floor with my nose an inch away from the leather sniffing like a drug addict and said, "No, you are not keeping 2 luxury bags of the same color!!!!" his defense though, he said the Edith was a "sexy relaxed bag that exudes a classiness about a woman...but also declares that she is capable of letting her hair down"

    I'm officially in love with this bag! (And I'll take photos this weekend when the second one comes, I promise)
  2. For me and the Edith, it definitely was not love at first sight, but more like third and fourth sight. There's something about those bags that simply grow on you.
  3. Balencia, have you taken Edith out in public yet, and if so, has anyone commented on it?
  4. I have taken the whiskey out, but not the grey yet. Usually, it's typically the SA's of various stores that comment on it. I don't think the Edith is as well known yet out here. But then again, I have people ask me who makes my Balenciaga bags all the time. If it doesn't have a logo on it, I don't think most SA's even know.
  5. For me, if I'm not in love within the first few minutes of seeing it IRL, I won't fall in love with it at all! It only takes a few minutes for me to know if it's a keeper or not, but when I'm in love, I fall hard!...that's why I cannot sell any of my designer handbags.
  6. The Edith I knew from the start, the Betty was a whole different story until I saw the tan one, and then it was lust at first sight....!
  7. I didn't care for Betty until I seen her step out of the matt tones of tan and cream and into the 'baby come get me!' black patent. Then it was truly love at first sight! :yes: :heart:
  8. I've only seen photos of the betty but have never seen it carried in IRL. What particularly is it about the style that draws people?
  9. Yes, me too! I didn't love it until I saw myself reflected in the windows of my office building. I can fit so much in that bag. I love it! She is getting squishier, too. This is certainly a bag that gets better and better!
  10. Same for me with the Edith. As I saw more and more of it, the more I had to have it. And even when I finally got her, i wasnt "overly" in love. But it's grown on me big time and now I absolutely love love love her:love: I think the love at first sight factor for me varies with each bag... I also know when a bag is for me when i'm totally posessed :wacko:
  11. Personally it's hard to describe but she just felt right as soon as I put her on my shoulder and I love the rings, the tassels, the pockets - some bags just fit.
    Thank god there are so many kinds of bags to suit everyone's tatstes!
  12. Girlie,
    Do you have the largest one or the middle one (Betty)?
  13. When you see it in real life, and you know you want it right away.

    Actually it depends... haha.