You just never know...

  1. You just never know when you'll run into another Hermes collector.

    There I was in a small furniture store in rural Kentucky, when one of the associates came up to me and said " I love your Hermes bag ! " (I was carrying a 32cm rigide Kelly.) Turned out she has a 35cm croc Kelly and some H scarves. We had a wonderful conversation about Hermes and other common interests (we both collect 18c European porcelain). Now, I've found a new friend near my new home. :yes:

    Life sometimes gives us wonderful surprises ! :heart:
  2. That gives me hope..... maybe I'll bump into someone like that in NJ....
  3. What a wonderful story! Makes me want to visit Kentucky again! Both Kentucky and Tennessee are gorgeous states. I love that both figure prominently in my family's 18th and 19th century history.
  4. What a wonderful story, HL! And you are right, you never do know ...
  5. I agree with coco-nut. I usually only make it to Louisville but Kentucky is gorgeous and my grandma is from Kentucky. Lovely memories.;)
  6. Lovely story HL--glad to hear you are acclimating well to your new surroundings!
  7. What a small world!
  8. Gotta love Hermes and lovers of Hermes!
  9. Love that and llet me guess, you collect Sevre:heart: I have collected antiques for years...:drool:
  10. Beautiful story, HL and isn't it a small, small world????? I am so glad to hear from you and that you're doing well in your new home! It's wonderful that you have made a new Hermes friend!!!!
  11. I love New Jersey!...allways bring my birkin bags... :nuts: go at least 2 x a month!
  12. It is a small Hermes world.
    Hermes lovers generally are so sweet even if the SAs are not always.
    Wonderful story.
  13. I love Kentucky (especially the Horse Park near Lexington ;)). How wonderful that you found a new friend there!
  14. Glad to know you are doing well after your move, L!
  15. hermeslady, that sounds great. Hope you are settling in.