You have to see this

  1. You know you want it!
  2. Tacky!!! And People Are Actually Bidding On It!!
  3. Oh, it's beyond tacky.. it's.. mortifying.
  4. Omg... :throwup:
  5. That sure is unique!
  6. *note to self* Do not wear this to the next tPF meet-up.
  7. ^ :roflmfao: Like you would have that.
  8. No, I have the khaki sig stripe version in PARCHMENT to match my bags!! LMAO! :graucho::wtf:
  9. :roflmfao:you crack me up!
  10. From the mouth of Paris Hilton... "THAT'S HOT!!!"
    eerr.... not!
  11. Oh, that's me bidding on it....I just had to have it!
  12. Pardon me while I barf!:sick:
  13. about being a label whore...anything with Coach on it...yeesh! :push:
  14. um...that'

    i think i just threw up a little in my mouth...