You have to laugh.....

  1. There was a couple of sellers last night who listed half a dozen balenciaga bags, but had stolen photos from other sellers.

    I searched the site and emailed the other sellers to let them know, and slowly the listings disappeared.

    I struggled with telling one seller as he was listing a fake anyway, but in the end decided to do so, so that hopefully it would be one less fake on the site. :confused1:

    He emails me today and said 'Thanks for letting us know but there is little that eBay will ever do about it.' :nuts:

    I couldn't get over this as his is FAKE anyway, and eBay does little about that too. WHAT A CHEEK!! :cursing:

    What also astounded me was the listings were disappearing as sellers informed eBay, but ebay left two up. Wouldn't ya think they would take them all down.:shrugs:
  2. I applaud you for going out of your way to do this!

    Maybe ebay should hire us as subcontractors to help them out!

    I actually wrote and suggested this and received a form letter back basically stating they don't take suggestions.
  3. Good job!! You did a great thing for all those sellers. Except the last one, of course. I can't relist a pair of authentic 7FAMK jeans I want to sell on eBay b/c of "trademark misuse" but they "can't do much about" fakes? What a system!

    P.S. I hope you reported him!
  4. To be honest I've given up reporting, as they never do anything about it. :shrugs: Its disheartening when you go back on, and they are still there. :sad:
  5. I understand!

    I still report b/c I have seen a few things go "poof". But I don't go looking for things ot report.
  6. Great work! keep it up :yes:
  7. :yahoo: Go get em! :yahoo:
  8. Great work! One less fake on Ebay! I still report every once in a while!