You have to hear this story ....

  1. My husband is in Las Vegas on business this week. I asked him to stop in the Hermes store to exchange an enamel bracelet for me. While he was in the store a little while ago he called me to ask me if I wanted the new perfume ... blah, blah, blah .... on to the kicker .... mind you he has never been in this store before .... I ask him over the phone if they have any Birkins or Kellys there. I hear him ask the SA. The SA tells him to wait a minute, goes in the back and brings out a 28cm black clemence Kelly with brushed palladium hardware and offers it to him. I can't believe it! He gets offered this without even making a single purchase. (The bracelet was an exchange and the perfume was paid for with price difference in the bracelets.) Wow .... I wonder what she would have brought from the back if he actually bought something? Unbelievable, huh? Sadly I can't justify another large purchase at this time. I've bought waaaaaay too many bags this year. So ladies, this beautiful black Kelly is yours for the taking. (I asked my husband to take pics of it for me.) If any of you are interested in this Kelly act fast. The SA told DH it will be gone by the end of the day.
  2. OMG! This I can't believe....did he tell you how much it was???? (I mean not that I'm in the market or anything....
  3. \

    1.whoa...brushed pallladium!!! that's so hard to find!!! must be stunning!
    2. if you asked your husband to flirt w/ the SA a bit..maybe she would bring out a pink ostrich or a croc birkin! :P
  4. I didn't even ask. I was sooooooooo tempted to tell him to buy it. I had to get off the phone quick.:cry:
  5. :graucho: :roflmfao:
  6. That's it. I need to send my husband shopping for me! Wow, I don't think I would have been able to resist. I guess it's true that the SAs are more likely to bring out the backroom stash for men vs. women.

    ^^LOL Fesdu! and Kat, did your DH get any pics of the Kelly? wow Clemence with brushed Palladium.....*sigh*
  7. Yes, he did. He said he took pics from several angles. I'll share them with you guys when he brings them home on Thursday. I know I am going to regret not getting it! Between you and me, I regret it already.:sad:
  8. ^^Aw Kat, don't worry, another one, more beautiful will come your way soon. Just send your hubby to Hermes again:amuse:
  9. OK - you almost made my heart just stop... Brushed Palladium and a 28 Kelly no less and you said "NO"? OMG - talk about will power...
  10. Okay, no regret!!! What is done is done... Maybe your dream kelly will arrive miraclely soon.. If you can reject it, then that's not your dream bag. That's what I learned from the PF ladies here...

    Anyway, it's so funny that your husband would take pictures of the bag from several angles. I cannot imagine the look on the SA's face :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  11. it's amazing what guys can get away with in a H store. my son went back to Honolulu for spring term after a break and he was in alamoana with his friends. i asked him to go to the hermes store to see if they had a 35cm birkin in black togo. i didn't hear from him and a few days later i asked if he went into the shop. he said he did and they told him they only had one in 30cm. now i wish i asked him to check for other colors!
  12. I don't think it's willpower. It's called stupidity! What the hell was I thinking?!? I had my chance. What an idiot I am! Someone please take me out back and shoot me!:sad:
  13. He said when he asked her if he could take some pics she didn't even respond in words. She just gave him a weird look.:lol:
  14. Maybe the reason why these guys are so successful is due to the fact they really don't want it that bad. Maybe us ladies seem too eager/needy/desperate ......:P
  15. LOL...My husband's first purchase at the Hermes store was my kelly bag.

    Kat, I'm sure you'll find better bags when you are ready to purchase! No doubt!!:flowers: :flowers: