You have to be freaking kidding me!!!!! UGH FEDEX!!!!!

  1. My Bridget is at the Houston Facility right now, yet it's not due for delivery ?????

    Jan 4, 2008 9:28 AM

    At local FedEx facility


    Package not due for delivery

    WTF? That is sooo not fair :crybaby: Will they let me go get it? I don't want to wait until monday :sad:

    It got there first at like 2 am.. so it's not like it didn't get there in time to get on the truck!!!
  2. Call them...they might let you come get it. But call first to make sure it's there.
  3. WTF?? Why didn't they get it on the truck??????????
  4. IF you have a tracking number you may be able to go to FEDEX to pick it up. Call early before they pack the trucks the next deliveries.
  5. ugg...that happened to me once. I'm sorry! I agree with the other ladies, call and see if you can pick it up. its worth a shot!:yes:
  6. I think it's the way coach ships...Express saver or something like that? It won' put it on the truck until the the scheduled (estimated) delivery date.

    if you look at the classifies this type of shipping as "less urgent"

    um...yeah...explain that to someone waiting for their new bag! LOL!

    so's the way Coach ships...not how FedEx rolls...
  7. I guess I will just have to wait until Monday... I am not going to have time to drive all the way out there anyway.

    I was looking at the tracking info and it says the package is 4 pounds! :shocked: I guess she is heavy, haha!
  8. I think FedEx delivers on Saturdays. You might get it tomorrow.
  9. OMG! that is just so dumb! They should let you go pick it up! How can they possibly make you wait till monday!
  10. Aw ;-; sorry about the delivery.Don't worry maybe they will deliver it tomorrow and im sure the weekend will go fast!
  11. Ive gotten Fed Exs from Coach on Saturdays, so maybe tomorrow is a possibility.
  12. Taralindsey... I am so sorry...I just read your post and I feel bad for you. Call them and see if you can pick it up. That Bridget is a beautiful purse and I can hardly wait to see your pics. :flowers:

  13. Yes I have gotten Coach deliveries on Saturdays, too when I was out on Friday and they could not leave it on my doorstep.
  14. Well look at it this way, you have a longer "pre-bag obsessive period" why not drag it out because once it is in your posession it is a whole other thing lol ! Good luck, I hope you get it soon but in the meantime you can look at pictures of it and wonder if you should have gotten it in a different color, size, etc lol that is what i would do !
  15. that sucks! I hate the waiting game myself! LOL Both of my Bridgit's won't be here until Wednesday at the earliest....