You have me so excited!!!

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  1. Hi Ladies!

    I'm usually in the Coach forum, but I'm always in search of new purses and was just BLOWN AWAY by all your lovelies! Then I started reading about the customization process and I'm facinated by it...and I fell in love with the blue/purple suede lining (Blurple is my all time favorite color in the world). And it's like the perfect solution, why wait for my favorite designer to come out with a purse I like when I can customize one to suit my needs :smile:. So here I am...running around with ideas in my head of what I'd like to see...maybe you can provide a pulse? A couple of my ideas though I know I should ask the folks over at Ignes, but I'm a tad shy when it comes to things like that (I have pretty wacked out ideas...).

    I love the shape of the mini sofia (I'm in a pleated purse kinda mode), it's about the perfect size for a purse I'm looking to add to my collection. Earlier this year, I looked at what I had, and have decided I need a black, gray and blue leather purse (the colors I wear most). Easy enough, but then when I started looking at all the leather colors...I got confused. So here's what I've been thinking:

    Mini Sofia, straps shortened to 7 in. drop. Silver hardware. Messenger strap added (what length is good? I find that an 18" drop is too short (sits right underneath my uh, girls)...Is 24" too much? Can the strap be adjustable?) Zipper. Definitely going with the blurple suede lining...unless there's another blurple out there.

    Here's where my mind goes bonkers when thinking about customization. I love the look of the handle on the Josephine. Do you think it could be added to the sofia? But a thinner version? And the strip of leather towards the top, I like it, but do you think it would be possible (or even looks good) to move the "end" part to the middle of the bag and extend the tassles down about half way so they don't stick out? And could a flat braided piece be done to thread through? I saw a flat braided handle and just LOVED it to pieces. See what I mean by crazy ideas? Or maybe flat braided handles? I just think something braided would add such a beautiful touch to an already gorgeous bag.

    Then there's the matter of color. I want my first purse to not be blah, but I definitely want black...but what kind of black? I don't really care for patent, but I don't like a muted black. I want it to be dark black (as if black couldn't get any darker, but I swear there's shades of black...otherwise all my black clothes would match LOL)...And I was thinking as an accent, I could do the silvery blue for the tassle strap and maybe the handles? Unless there's a blurple leather I don't know about. Or maybe if there's a gray with some shine to it? Or should I do just all black leather and next time splurge on a different take? I'm so sure I'll love the bag so much that I'll probably end up ordering the same bag with the same mods, but in different colors.

    There's so many possibilities...but I have time. I can't order anything until March...I just couldn't wait to ask your opinions until then... I welcome all suggestions. And feel free to call me crazy! Thanks ladies!!!

    P.S. Sorry it's such a lengthy post... I can't shut up. LOL DH calls it word vomit.
  2. Welcome to Ignes Irainei! It is such a fun process. :tup:

    The midi Sofia is my favorite out of the three styles I have ordered so far in terms of how it looks on and wearability.

    The tinted leathers are gorgeous, and Ignacio just made a tinted blue available that might be a good option for you. The tinted leathers have a slight gloss to them and they are sooooo soft, slouchy and wonderful. Here is a thread with some pics for you:

    The braiding for handles and the Josephine are both fairly new development,s so I think the Sofia-with-Josephine-handles question would be best answered by Ignacio.

    Have fun and good luck!
  3. Hey there!

    Please don't worry about the "word vomit," (lol) Irainei! I love the long posts from people who get as excited about this process as I do. :smile:

    I know just what you mean...I am now waiting on my first Ignes and it is driving me crazy. I just happened into this sub-forum from RM, and really liked what I saw, and the people in the subforum have been so kind and helpful. Also, Ignes' CS is AMAZING, truly stellar. As for the braided handles, I asked for some too on my Gabrielle bag and for $20 extra I was able to get them (this seemed like a very fair price to me!) I would just ask Ignacio, like greenpixie says.

  4. I replied within your original post above w/ my text set off. HTH! Welcome to Ignes!
  5. Welcome!!

    Don't worry about wacked out ideas here. Several Ignes followers LOVE color and Matt's infamous red zebra laptop was one of the wilder designs out there.

    Others have answered you on the straps, so I will go straight to COLOR!

    Ignes has some pretty cool black leathers. There is the black-bronze (check out my pic of a gaby in it- more goldy than black though). There is a black crackled leather that has a raised glossy surface (but not patent), then there are actually the cracked leathers in black with green/blue etc. (check out my midi-sofia in purple with the purple-red cracked leather). Then there is a dark grey streaked leather- ton of texture, but depends on what you are looking for.

    Then there is the black ostrich leather!

    If you love blue and purple though- what about alternating those colors all the way around the bag in different leather strips? Ignes has some deep purple and blue tones that would compliment each other nicely.
  6. Welcome! Welcome to the fun!

    I'd ask Ignacio about braiding costs, but yes, there are some braiding options on some bags now, which is exciting.

    I'm one of the color lovers lionlaw mentions. But if you're looking at black and an all around bag, take a look at Shockey's (username) black patent and ostrich Sofia. My friend is ordering a Sofia at some point (mini), and she adores Shockey's bag.

    It's such a fun process! Enjoy!
  7. Thanks ladies for the GREAT advice and boy, you guys know how to make a gal feel welcomed :smile:

    I sent my email off to Ignacio asking about the braided details! I hope he says it's possible! It's not a deal breaker by any means and I don't want to sacrifice durability over styling...It's just a quirky feature I thought might be cool. And the drawstring (THANK YOU, I couldn't for the life of me properly describe that thing) detail, that too isn't something I'm overly concerned with either. I'm just used to having something like that in the middle when I see drawstrings. What do you guys think of both ends being drawstring ends? With the end pieces extended down the side a bit?

    I'm intrigued by the cracked leathers...I did ask him if it were possible to send me all leather samples in black, grey and blue so I can see and match things up in person. Maybe the black cracked leather with a dark grey? or the silvery blue? I don't know, I'd have to see it in person. I also have to see the texture of it too. Is there like a cracked dark blue with purple? That would be just amazing! :smile: I know that I don't like pebbled leather and exotics scare me...maybe its the texture? I don't know. Don't think I can get an exotic shipped here in Cali anyway.

    LOL I wonder how much for the all the leather samples would be to, no, that's bad. I'd drown myself in debt with trying to order all the combinations I like.

    Thanks again ladies!
  8. Hi, welcome!! You can get ostrich shipped to California, because Suzzeee did with her purple sofia with the cecilia chain handles. Sublime!!

    I envisioned a multi-colored mini sofia for you, so I agree with Lionlaw that you should do that in a two or three toned bag. If you get swatches, you can have lots of fun working on your color combos!!

    So, I think I understand the original ideas having come in late to this thread. You want the Josephine handles? Well, Ignes can do rolled handles, so I don't see why not on the Josephine rounded braided handles, unless Ignacio thinks it would be too much trouble...he had to cut back on all the custom requests.

    How intriguing, having the drawstring ends in the middle instead of the side!! I don't see why not....again, it's a judgment call. And, you are thinking a flat braid instead of the drawstring? that I cannot really envision so am curious to hear what you find out.

    Welcome, and please keep the long posts coming!!! It's so fun to plan bags along with people and hear all the new ideas. FUN!!!!!
  9. python, you can't get that shipped to California, meant to say.
  10. Just got my email back... The answer was YES to the braided handles (flat or rolled)and YES to moving the drawstring to the middle! I'm off to ask him if he'd think two drawstrings at both ends would look better than the middle. I didn't get a response of turning the drawstring part into a flat braided piece. But that's OK cuz I'm excited about the braided handles :smile:

    ...and I cannot believe that the swatches are currently free. Such service! OMG

    Good to know about the ostrich... still a little weirded out. Python I knew about, but figured they were all grouped together :smile:
  11. ^ Great! He probably may have missed that question if there was a lot of text in the email. The swatches may be a little slow b/c they come by regular post from Uruguay, but if I recall, you have time to place the order, right?

    I really like the ostrich- so pretty. I would like a bag in that at one point. It is about 30% more, I think.
  12. Ostrich is 40% more on top of the bag price. But, you get the returning customer discount, so it works out to 25% more.
  13. ^ Good to know. If they would have had ostrich on the sale, I would have been all over it! I know they had the purple mini ormala, but that's not me...
  14. no, bordeaux mini-O is you, elizat!!

    Irainei, I'm psyched that you got good responses from Ignacio. I now have new options to think about for future bags. You don't have to worry about running out of styles to get, lol, because you just customize with Sandy chains or braids, or whatever, and voila, different bags!!

    I can't wait to see what you come up with.
  15. Yes, I still have lots of time to finalize my I don't mind waiting. I just got my email back, he quoted about 2 weeks to receive my swatches. I think my timing's perfect for a March order.

    Ignacio said that the double drawstring ends would be "intriguing" so it's up to me to to figure out what is best...the drawstring in the middle, or two drawstrings at the side. The difference would be if I were to do the one in the middle, I can change it to a side drawstring if I didn't like it when he sends me the production photos, doing the double, I would not be able to alter it (of course the obvious answer is, do my first one one way, and do the second the other way LOL). I wish I could order both this time around, but DH tells me to watch what I'm spending, so...I'm complying...somewhat *teehee*

    I'm leaning towards a double...what do you ladies think? Here are a couple links of what I kinda think it'd look like...


    Another I haven't found the answer yet, I'll be paying with my bank debit/ it wise to call the bank and let them know I'm having a charge made on my card from Uraguay (or would it be in the UK) before I place the order? Has anyone had issues with their cards? I want to be prepared. Otherwise, I can use my non-bank CC (I'd still call them and let them know...but I hate putting anything on my credit cards...they're my incase-something-dreadful-happens cards).