You have GOT to be kidding me.

  1. Ok, so I'm sure some people remember that item I bought back in November and never received it, the seller never responded to my paypal claim or my emails...well guess what I get today:

    Q: Hello, sorry that I never sent the item out. I will send it out this week. I do not think that this warranted a negative feedback however because it was only .99 cents. Feedback is so important, I was wondering if you would be up for a mutual feedback withdrawal when you receive your item. THANKS!

    UM NO???

    So this is what I'm sending...

    Hi, I'm sorry but I already have gotten one of these booklets elsewhere and do not need another one. Despite the fact that the item was only .99, I paid back in November and never received the item, I had a Paypal claim opened and you never responded to it. Value of the item does not matter, the fact that I paid promptly and never received my item DOES. I gave you ample time to remedy the situation and it wasn't remedied; it's nearly 3 months after the auction ended and I paid, it's quite late now to try to fix it. If you believed feedback to be so important, I would have thought that you would have sent the item out in a timely manner after I paid, but you didn't. I value feedback as well, which is why I send my buyer's items out after I receive their payment. I don't LIKE leaving negative feedback and rarely ever do, but in situations like this, it's necessary. I'm sorry that I won't be withdrawing my feedback for you.

    Ugh...I really hope this guy doesn't decide to leave me a negative since I wouldn't take back MY negative. :tdown:
  2. Does my email sound ok? I haven't sent it yet...
  3. yes your e-mail sounds good, you explain the rules well. Is the seller dumb because after so long its a bit unusual KWIM ?. LOL
  4. Thanks. I know, what the heck? I left that feedback ("Never got item,no emails from seller since 12/12,didn't respond to paypal claim") on the 3rd and he just now noticed. Mmmk...
  5. Wow! He's got a lot of nerve to ask that of you regardless of the cost of the item. I think your response is completely appropriate!
  6. jerk.

    loving the new avatar!!
  7. Sounds good to me (your email). What nerve...he never responded to you and after 3 months he wants to complete his end of the deal in order for you to withdraw your FB?! I wouldn't do it either!
  8. Thanks guys...I just sent it. We'll see what he says. I'm hoping this doesn't turn out ugly.

    And thanks thalillady! I love HK and it was perfect for Vday. :love:
  9. Also, another question since the last couple of times I've had a non-performing seller, they NARU right after...
    So I know you can file an NPB alert and if the buyer doesn't respond, you can leave them a neg. without them being able to leave one for you (for now).
    But what about sellers? I went through Paypal for my claim, so since he didn't respond to the Paypal claim, would he still be able to leave me a retaliatory negative?
  10. Wow, this seller got nerves! The only thing is that there's still a chance for him to leave negative feedback. Fingers crossed :noworry:
  11. actually if you file NPB and there is no response on their end to the eBay messages don't they lose the ability to leave feedback?
  12. okay, sorry didn't read entire thread. I am not sure if he can leave negative from Paypal claim.

    Three months later? Isn't the deadline for leaving feedback 90 days? Has that expired?
  13. I have never read anything more ridiculous than this. THREE MONTHS?? Is this person on a different planet? It's actually funny at this point- I'd laugh in his face, I mean really.. is he/ she kidding????
  14. Your message is ok :smile: but the seller is crazy! Want to send item after 3 months??? I'm not sure I still want the item I purchased 3 months ago even if it's LV bag :push: Don't withdraw your feedback, let him learn from this experience to not to treat buyer like this way.