You have earned it! BALENCIAGA RAOK!!!

  1. Over the past several weeks, I have received numerous requests that Balenciaga be permitted to have a RAOK. And since we were busy restructuring the subforum, we had to hold off.

    Well, since this forum has been going so well and everyone has been so fantastic, a Bal RAOK has finally been approved!:nuts:

    Here is the only condition:

    We need someone to volunteer to organize it, as mods and admins of the PF are in no way involved in RAOK's (other than as participants). So you participate at your own peril, and from my experience, it is a lot of fun! But we do not get involved in any drama, issues or other problems related to RAOKs.

    Use this thread to start planning and get the ball rolling. Then, when you are ready, I will start a RAOK Reveal thread!

    Have fun everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Oh, and in case this might help- in Hermes we used Elfster to randomly assign people and to find out what everyone likes and dislikes. it was a lot of fun and helped keep everything organized!

    We also limited it to members who have been active for 5 months or had 500 posts. HTH!
  3. I am sure this can be great in here too!! A great way for members to get to know one another!! :yahoo:
  4. Ohhh RAOK for us.. i cant wait.
  5. This will be so much fun! I'll be happy to help, though I've never done a ROAK before. I can't wait!
  6. Oooh this will be so much fun! Can I volunteer to help organize it? :heart:
  7. Absolutely!!!
  8. Oh and I forgot to say - thanks Vlad, Megs and the Mods!:heart:
  9. Cool! So should we have a restriction like you said of 5 months minimum of being a Tpf member and 500 posts? And maybe people should post in this thread if they want to be a part of it? and they could PM me their email addresses and I could send out emails for members to fill out a for or something on their likes and dislikes and where they live etc to assign their buddy?
  10. I think that is a great idea!
  11. Count me in!!!!
  12. Cool! So if people want to join the Balenciaga ROAK then could they post that they would like to join in this thread and then PM me their user id and their email address?
  13. Count me in:tup:
  14. what is RAOK??? sorry, really clueless here...:confused1:
  15. This was made using the Marc Jacobs Forums RAOK as a guideline.

    What it is:
    Basically I will assign a buddy to each participant randomly. During the month of August you can send each other gifts using the postal service. I will keep the buddys within the same country ie if there are 2 members from the UK they will assign with each other and not a US member due to the slow international postage system. You can send each other whatever you like within reason i.e magazines, books, make-up, sweets etc. The RAOK is set up to surprise people and brighten their day! The RAOK is totally confidential and only your buddy will be given your address!

    This program is for active tPF members who regularly post in the Balenciaga Forum. To participate you will need to send a minimum of 2 packages/gifts to your buddy during the month of August. There will also be cost of package/gift limit (ie do not spend more than this) to ensure all can join in - this will be $40 or £20. You should not reveal your identity until the last gift to make it more exciting. You can post pictures in another thread of your gift which will be made in the first week of August to show others and thank your buddy as you will not know their identity. Anyone can join in as long as they have been a member of Tpf for over 5 months and have over 500 posts and regulary post in the Balenciaga Forum.

    How to participate:
    1. PM me (hautecouture15) your e-mail address. Please be sure I will not distribute your information to anyone except for your buddy and I will discard the information you send me after I match you up.
    All entries have to be in by the 25th of July at Midnight on GMT.

    2. I will then email you a form to complete with your name, gender, address etc. To be completed by the 27th of July.

    3. I will then e-mail you the information for your buddy by the 1st of August You can research your buddy's preferences on t
    PF posts, or prepare to send them any fun gifts you think they will like. Participants are encouraged to use Balenciaga themes to decorate the envelopes/packaging if possible.

    4. Over the next month (August 2007), please send your buddy small gifts and/or cards for their enjoyment! You can send one a week or one at the beginning and one at the end, or whatever you want! If you notice a sad post by your buddy in the forum, maybe you want to cheer them up! Or if you see a happy post you can congratulate them. You may reveal your identity to them at the end of the exchange.

    5. You will be receiving gifts from a different buddy in the mail! When you receive gifts from your buddy, please post pictures and/or descriptions of them in the special "Reveal" thread we will start

    Hope this is okay :heart: