"You have a fake purse!"

  1. How do you tell a friend they have a fake designer purse? My friend has a fake speedy and I honestly think she has no idea it is fake. Her boyfriend gave it to her for V Day. She loves it. I probably won't tell her because she is a very sensitive person and I don't want to rain on her parade. I am just wondering how others would handle this situation.

    Would you tell your friend?
  2. Are you sure it's fake? What about it was fake?
  3. Absolutely not. Neither I nor her would have anything to gain from doing that. If she asked, I would consider her feelings before honesty. If I knew she would be resentful, I wouldn't do it.
  4. i would NOT do thta...:yes:

  5. hmm, i dunno. it's a tough call, but if u tell her its fake, you may be saving her from embarrassment further down the line.

    case in point: a friend of my mom's recently had an "LV" bag that had gotten scuffed/worn somehow (i don't know the details), and so she took it to an LV boutique for repairs. it was really a fake, but she didn't know it, as her daughter had given it to her for xmas and she just assumed it was real. well when she took it in to LV, the SA basically had to tell her (in front of everyone) that it was a fake bag. :sad: she was beyond mortified. when i heard that story, i felt so bad for her. others here have mentioned how they seen people take fake bags into boutiques, and how humiliated they are when they're told its a fake. if u think it about it, wouldn't it be better if she was told privately by a friend than to potentially be "outed" in front of people?
  6. ^ I agree.. you would be doing her a favour by saving her the humiliation. I just don't think you should do it quite yet since she's so happy about it. -you're right when you say you don't want to rain on her parade, since she could take it the wrong way. sorry, im not much help !
  7. That's a very good point!

    Are you sure she thinks it's real? Do you know for sure that it's fake? Maybe ask her about it! She probably would be thrilled to talk about bags with you, since you are into it yourself. I would just casually ask her if you're curious.
  8. I don't know... a moment between strangers is over and you may never see those people again. The purse obviously has sentimental value since is was from her boyfriend. Her feelings may be more hurt (even coming from a friend). I don't think its worth it at this point in time, honestly.
  9. Is it a very dear friend? Could you get her a real one and switch it on her while she asleep or something? LOL! Seriously though - this is a hard one. I agree on not hurting her while it's new and exciting. On the other hand, it's almost surely just a matter of time before someone tells her and it's going to be hard and may affect her relationship with him, which would be awful for her. I don't know what to say. This is hard.
  10. Hi bellabird!! So, to answer your question, I wouldn't tell her right away like some others have said. But eventually I would tell her, or try to put your Speedy next to hers and just hope she sees the difference. I would just try to say it in the nicest way which I'm sure you would do :smile: Beacuse you're a nice person!
  11. Or you could ask the bf if he told her it was a fake?
  12. Yeah I wouldn't get involved in that one.

    For subtlety you could carry yours (if you own one) around her and maybe she'll figure it out.
  13. The speedy is fake. It does have leather handles but it has the white suede-like lining. Everyone has good points.
  14. If discussion comes up about LVs and authenticity, then tell her. Or maybe point her in the direction of TPF?
  15. Are you close with the BF? Maybe you could hint to him that she should know that the bag is fake.