You have $600 bucks....what would you buy?

  1. And no saving it for a bigger ticket item either. I'm serious because I can't decide myself. Do I get the Karo? Do I get the credit card holder? Do I get a scarf and a coin purse? Do I get six pocket squares even though I don't need six pocket squares (I think I know the answer to this one)? A pen? A pencil? A Beaver keychain?


    What would YOU get?

    (I'm leaning toward the Karo PM even though I have to throw in another hundred or so......)
  2. A cashmere shawl.
  3. I vote for scarf and coin purse for you, shopmom. :yes:
  4. Cashmere shawl? :idea:
  5. karo PM.
  6. you could send me a twilly and then you'd have enough left over for an enamel bracelet.
    sound good!??

    ps thanks for the card and perfume and scarf book!!!
  7. Yeah....I like those Karo PM's......I'm saving that one to buy in NYC, GF!
  8. You are so welcome, E.....:smile:
  9. D, a Turandot or another of your favourite designs in a cashmere shawl. Aaahhh.... I think they're 600 or thereabouts. Could be Euros though.....
  10. a gold or silver cadena and a silk scarf....will that work?? I think so if you get an earlier issued charm.
  11. They're about $550.00 Hello and I adore them. Actually, I was looking at a few today and thinking that the minute I find one where the colors work for me, I'd snap one up. They're warm and luscious!!!!
  12. ooops I just checked, they're 705 Euros. So that's much more $$$.
  13. OK, good....I have a NY list going, too!

    Ummmm........wood scarf ring and new scarf? (don't get a horn one)...I got a wood one today - so lovely, and it comes in a little velvet drawstring pouch!!!! AHHH!!!!!
  14. A GM mousseline shawl, they are just around $600!
  15. ^Tods I just had the same thought!!! A Grande Mousse for Shopmom!!!