you have 500.00 which bag do you buy and why!?

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  1. hi all!
    i have 500.00 to spend on a bag! (YAY!) i'd love some suggestions for bags!
    which bag would YOU get?
    WHY would you get that bag?
    i'd like it to be a timeless bag and have some "wow" and "funkiness" to it...
    so, i'm looking forward to seeing how you'd all spend my money!
    thanks, as always!!!
  2. uuummmm i wouldnt spend it all on one bag for sure. i like getting more my money. id go to the outlet and get a buncha goodies!!!
  3. Unless there was ONE thing I was dying over...I would probably spread the love.

    I'd pick a medium priced bag...think, under or around $300. I'd dress it up (because spring is all about the accessories!!)...a nice key fob, maybe even an older rare one...a lovely silk scarf.

    Pull it all together with a new wristlet and mini skinny.

    Talk about bang for you buck!! Not to mention you're completely set for the upcoming season...soup to nuts!!
  4. Yeah I would go crazy on lower priced stuff. There isnt really anything now I would spend 500 on.

    Except at our px on v-day they are a huge editorial Zoe, in blue suede, super cool looking, but it was 400.00, to rich for a bag i wouldnt use often.
  5. The new Kristen pleated drawstring hobo in navy! Wait until PCE comes out though for sure.
  6. i can't find a good picture of the kristen pleated drawstring bag anywhere.... i saw it in someone's avatar, but, it wasn't that large and i couldn't get a good perspective on it...i love drawstring bags...does anyone have a picture of that one that you post here? how much is that bag? is it leather? thanks for your help!
  7. the LE Audery in violet!!!! only 28 made!!!! JAX hax less then 10!!!! $498
  8. what is the LE audrey? Large?
  9. ^ Not a bad idea!
  10. I'd go blow it on a Peyton in the outlets with some accessories.
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    I have the kristen drawstring hobo in navy its 500.00 but on PCE it will come to 375.00 Its about the size of the large Zoe the leather is very soft and nice! Its in my Atavar and heres a picture of it.


    Or the Audrey LE in violet is very nice also!
  12. the le= limited edition floral embroidered Audrey we've all been drooling over it. it comes in violet bronze anthracite and eggshell :smile: it's definitely tdf
  13. leather domed satchel in purple... 698 - 20 pce = 558.. A little more but totally worth it!!! Picture below but in PURPLE!!! Saw it last week and it was TDF!!!!

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  14. when is PCE and how do i know if i'm getting a card this year???
  15. head straight to the outlet you can get $500+ bags for half off I would never go full price on coach again unless they change how fast it goes to the outlet.... and I can't even get to an outlet I have to go evil bay or have a freind get it but thats a pain.