You have $350 you can put towards one of these three things...

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  1. Which would you pick and why?

    Option 1: Designer sunglasses of your choice
    Option 2: Designer wallet of your choice
    Option 3: Put it towards a handbag
  2. Handbag O_o Because. . .it's a handbag (lol).

    *Plus I don't use my wallets much and hopefully my RayBans will hold up for awhile :P
  3. I need sunglasses right now, and have got bags I could use for summer, so I might (just at this moment) get the sunglasses. Normally, I guess I'd put it towards saving for the bag. I don't buy many wallets -- I tend to find one and just keep it for ages.
  4. At this point, I would put it towards a wallet. I still have never had a wallet I love, but I'm not sure I ever really will be willing to shell out $500 on a wallet!
  5. Today I will answer the Sunglasses because I desperately need a new pair. :biggrin:
    But, normally I would choose to put it towards a new Handbag.
  6. Hmmmmmm...right now, I'd probably put it towards a bag. Don't need any more sunglasses and I have too many wallets that I don't use. So yeah....a bag!
  7. Since I dropped $350 on Chanel sunglasses about two weeks ago, it has RAINED EVERY SINGLE DAY and I haven't had the chance to wear them. Boo.
  8. 3, for sure.
    My sunglasses I've had for 3 years, and I have no desire for new ones.
    My wallet I've had for 8 years, again, no desire for a new one.
    I would LOVE a new handbag.
  9. Intlset...that totally sucks!!! :sad:
  10. Do get one nice wallet, Intl. I have one that I like -- and I'll probably not replace it for a while.
  11. Sorry to hear about the rain (!).
  12. For me at this point is #3
  13. Out of those choices, I would have to say a handbag. Can I add a fourth option??? Because I would really put it towards a pair of shoes right now!!!
  14. Option 3: Put it towards a handbag :love:

  15. Right now it would be sunglasses, since the Chanels I want are $290 :P Woohoo, $60 to spend on clothes! :nuts: