You have 24 hours to live and...

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  1. ... spare change in your pocket (under $1). What do you use it for?
  2. Drugs!:P :yahoo:

    Oh, and then I'd go pray, by which time God would be leaping out the concrete paving-stones, with a magic green hat made out of rabbits... ;) :graucho:

    Or, I could go meditate, but let's face it which would be funniest? :roflmfao:

  3. I'd give it to my kids to see their happy little faces running to get their piggybanks.
  4. Buy a piece of fattening chocolate and eat it????LMAO?
  5. Give it to someone who has 25 hours to live and see what they do with it!!
  6. give it to a homeless person.
  7. what drugs can u buy with a $?? take me to your leader???##

    tehehee (j/k)

    id buy a scaratch card in which i win 50,000 then i give it to my parents and spend the next 23 hours with by bf
  8. Hm...I would take the $1 and donate it to an animal shelter...then go on the news, tell the public about my story and ask that they all donate a dollar as well:smile:
  9. donate it
  10. Great answers ladies! :yes: Some of them are possibilities I've thought about but other (such as the drugs :wtf:) have never crossed my mind!
    Keep them coming! :flowers:
  11. candy :smile:
  12. Amamxr, wouldn't you have to give it to someone who has less time to live than you if you wanted to see what they would do with it? :upsidedown:
  13. I guess- but then I could watch from Heaven:graucho:
  14. Give it to little kids to get candy.
  15. candy and a phonecall (though i guess i can just use my cell)
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