You have $2,200 to spend on a new bag... what do you buy?

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  1. The title says it all, "You have $2,200 to spend on a new bag... what do you buy?" the pictures are just to get you thinking, you can buy anything. Except I want you to imagine that you don't have any designer bags, and you are starting fresh. (My reasons for starting this thread are a little selfish, as I may be in this situation, and I want ideas...). You can spend less, and save the rest for something else, or spend all of it. I am looking for the best bag for the price. I want to hear about dream bags...what's start dreaming!





    dior 8.jpg
  2. dior 11.jpg

    Gucci Medium Hobo.jpg



  3. P1170032.JPG

  4. Oooo...that's a toughie. I already have a paddy. Don't like the gucci or the spy. I like the Bbag, but not if there is a reissue or a gaucho in the same list. I would say either the reissue (which I could get now) or the dior gaucho (but I'd have to wait). I would def. get the reissue in grey!
  5. As many Balenciagas as I could eek out of that money!

    Wow - didn't even have to think about that.
  6. I really like the gaucho :biggrin: The Chanel is great too though.
  7. hello -hope you would find your dream bag and enjoy having it!

    if it's the ONE and the FIRST designer bag i would have, here is my picks -balenciaga, paddy or bottaega veneta. i am not a big fan of gucci and dior handbags. i love gucci shoes and dior apparel though.

    :biggrin: happy shopping!

  8. something from chanel.
  9. I would always choose a Gucci and use the rest for another... I love the gaucho!!!
  10. this really is a tough question...i'd probably get the black horsebit hobo and put the rest towards the YSL white oversized muse satchel
  11. Being the owner of a couple, I would buy in the following order:
    1) the Chanel - timeless and a great investment
    2) The Spy because I just love it.
    3) The Edith
    4) The Paddington
    5) the B Bag or Gaucho
    And may I add to your options the Balenciaga? I love them. And the Mulberry Roxanne. Two personal favorites of mine.

    You need to consider what kind of bag you want though - trendy or timeless? If you are getting your first "big" bag I would go for timeless, personally. That's why I said Chanel. The gaucho and b bag are cute but they are super trendy and I predict that they will over saturate the market within a season or two. However, the Chanel never goes out of style. If you want a super trendy "it" bag, do you want a tried and tested one like the Paddington or do you want a "fresh" one for spring like the Edith or the Gaucho? I think the Edith may be a good investment for a new "it" bag because it is understated and not over the top. The leather on Chloe is spectacular and it looks easier to carry than the Paddington. Plus, the gaucho, although cute, seems very trendy to me, so much so that I wonder if it will last past one season.

    Let me know what you decide and good luck!
  12. One Balenciaga Twiggy and one Balenciaga Box. :biggrin:
  13. I couldn't pick just one you didn't give me enough $$$ to spend:sad2:
  14. Hahaha you are so funny, but I would pick the gaucho, but u already know that!!
  15. Aww...that's cute!!! :P

    I'd get the chanel reissue!!