You have $1k to buy a new black bag

  1. Preferably shoulder but can be a top handle with shoulder strap - and most imporantly nothing too large - medium size at most. What to get??? And the $1k can go a bit higher but not too much!:graucho:
  2. Chanel grand shopping tote. It's gorgeous. If not that, I'd get the Bottega Veneta that Jen Aniston is glued to.
  3. Jen's BV is probably closer to $2500.

    I'd get the Ferragamo Marisa. I just bought this bag recently and am loving it! It goes from day to night, and works with casual to dressy attire.
  4. That's beautiful but too big (19" wide). What about a Gucci Horsebit Hobo in Medium?
  5. What about a Balenciaga Day Bag? Or a city?
  6. the chanel gst is nearly 2k but the pst is just over 1k so i'd go with that!
  7. I really like the Celine hobo. $1200.

  8. balenciaga city or cute chanel totes used from eBay
  9. I stand corrected! I'd get the black Chanel PST then :biggrin:
  10. This is easy for me, because I just did precisely this! Black Balenciaga First bag, $995.
  11. ITA with Kathy K...a First Bbag would be the perfect price and size!
  12. YSL Muse bag. I want one so bad!
  13. I'd would get either PST or city.hehe
  14. balenciaga classicque or clutch bag :heart:
  15. For me, it's the LV epi alma. This is a very classic bag, which should last me & go through trends. For half the price, you could also consider a coach carly in black leather. This is actually a really nice & comfortable bag, though on the large-ish side. Good luck--hope you find something that suits you!