You hate it when

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  1. Let me start. I hate it when I am with a group of people and someone tells me sarcastically that I talk too much! I find it really annoying because normally it goes like this...I talk alot, but become quiet when there's simply nothing to say or I have nothing to add. I'm really friendly, and I joke alot and can talk a person's ear off, but its when I've been quiet for a minute or two, and this happens. I just want to say t o them "where were you?"
    P.S. My husbands dad does this to me all the time. *hmmpf

    so- what annoys you?
  2. i have one of the stupidest pet peeves ever. i'm a fast walker so i hate it when there are like flipping turtles in front of me and i can't get around them. haha...yeah, i'm cool.
  3. HaHa! I really don't like that either, as i too am a fast walker! lol
  4. I hate it when I try to explain something and I use the wrong words.
    And ppl think I am stupid.
    English is not my dada and mama language:sad: :wacko:
  5. ah, yeah there's another. i dislike when people mix up words like than/then, etc. (native speakers though....if you're learning a language then people always make mistakes!)

    aw, giagiaja i bet you speak english better than a lot of native speakers!! i would not think you were stupid if you mixed up words though!
  6. Aww I've always been sensitive to that, because I realize if I tried to speak another language to someone I would sound rediculous! I've tried to speak french to Parisians hehe it did _not_ go well, so having to do that every day would be stressful.
  7. omg, I feel your pain. Especially coming from MA, and staying Tampa- people walk SO SLOW here. I seriously think I have the walking version of road rage. I power walk without even thinking about it. lol. People must think I'm rude, but that's just what I'm used to!!!

    hmmm, some of my pet peeves are....

    *Tags sticking out of peoples shirts. I've fixed random people's shirts because I'm so OCD about it.

    *getting all ready for an occasion, because you think a certain someone will be there- and then having them not show up. :sad: It's like you got all pretty for nothing!
  8. before like 2 years ago i never knew that other people shared my pet peeve of slow walkers. my friend, who unfortunately moved to vancouver, the other side of the continent, and i found this out at lacrosse camp.

    haha i'm sooo ocd about things. tags sticking out of shirts is one thing. also just things that are out of place. i don't have ocd though...haha really, i can let things slide easily :amuse:

    *1000th post!*
  9. I hate being interrupted.

    Or getting a zit right before some social event.

    (yes I get adult acne and it sucks).
  10. That's funny :lol: I have been told that I talk waaaay too much and that I'm very loud. Even my boyfriend tells me to shut up or lower my voice. That's just the way I talk so I get really annoyed when people tell me to stop.

  11. Me too unless English is your second language :biggrin: I hate it when people get you're or your mixed up and when they say supposably instead of supposedly... :evil:
  12. I hate people that cannot handle their drink. Just returned from dinner with friends and family and one of the guys was really drunk. Couldn't finish his dinner and kept swearing really loudly - with 6 children at the table!! Just an idot and very embarrassing. I felt bad for his wife. On the same note, hate when people chew with their mouths open. Yuck!
  13. ^^^ Wow, I just learned how to make words Bold in the forum. :shame:
  14. Oh another thing I hate...
    I am in sales and when I try to talk to customer to tell them about
    handbag they think I try to sell them so bad when my true intention
    was I just love to chat about bag.
  15. Oh yes! Here's my terrible story...My mom's friend was over for dinner, she was eating mashed potatoes, laughed, opened her mouth wide, and there was stringy mashed potato from the roof of her mouth to her tongue :sick: the horror!! This was years ago, and i'm still scarred by it.