You guys would be so proud....

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  1. I have to admit...I wanted a Gucci so bad that I was tempted to buy a knock-off. So, I finally called the Gucci store in Atlantic City which is close to me. I didn't think they would have the purse that I want, but they looked it up and......TA-DA! They had it in stock. And guess what? The price is cheaper than the stupid knock-offs that I have been staring at for months!

    The End

  2. Congrats! Cheaper and you can be assured it is authentic too!
  3. Yay!! I'm so very proud of you....way to go! :yahoo:Doesn't it feel good?!?!? :graucho:
  4. It's a load off my mind and $500 is too much for knock-off.
  5. Congrats! Post pictures when you get it!!!!! So we can drool all over :drool:
  6. Aww congrats!! Isn't that the best feeling... to hunt something down and everything works out. Good job!!! Yes, pics indeed!!!
  7. yayayayya!!! boo on knockoffs. yay for authentics!!! post pics. soo happy for you!
  8. Congrats!! greats news - once you have authentic you will NEVER turn back. Good for you!! Pics please....!!
  9. Read my user name....
    Yes, I am very proud of you. I get on my Co-worker all the time about her Coach knockoffs that always break after a couple months. I tell her she can at least go to the Coach outlet and get bags less than what the fake ones are sold for.