You guys will NEVER beleive this!!!

  1. Angelina and Z...there really isn't much I can say...I am kind of speechless!


    What are you thoughts?!
  2. I wish they would adopt me!

    That's unbelievable!
  3. It's too cute though!
  4. OMG. I think that's so cute :love:
  5. oh yeah it is really cute BUT matching Versace purses? Oh my....what a lucky little girl!!

    Both purses are awesome!
  6. OMG, did Valentino make a special tiny version of the bag just for her?????
  7. Super cute....
  8. oh oops I didn't know this was already a post...sorry!
  9. ^Hehe, it's fine. Sometimes those blog entries are hard to find.
  10. Too cute.
  11. Isn't it...Zahara's is almost cuter than Angie's!!!

    So fun
  12. oh wow!!! that's really cute!!
  13. adorable. I'm amazed that they made a tiny version just for her, maybe more designers will start doing that now...

    when I was her age, my purse was 100% sequins, in the shape of a cat's head:p
  14. How cute is that??!!! Zahara is a very lucky little girl to have a Valentino at that age to match her Mommy's! She's so adorable!