You guys think I made a good deal?

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Good deal Yes or No

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. Oh yes!!! That's a great deal for a Leigh!!! Congrats, she's beautiful!
  2. Great deal! Nice bag!
  3. Heck yeah that a good deal , I love that bag
  4. That's a great deal! Congrats and enjoy; she's beautiful! :tup:
  5. For a Whiskey Leigh, you got a great deal! She needs a little TLC...a little brass cleaner (very, very carefully!), a little Apple conditioner and you'll have yourself a beautiful Legacy bag! Congrats!!
  6. I'll have to order that apple stuff. i have the coach cleaner and moisturizer, is there a big difference?
  7. Fabulous! Post pics when you get it!
  8. OMG...NO Coach cleaner!!!! Wait for the Apple conditioner.
  9. Gorgeous!!! And a great deal! Congrats!
  10. Ya I wasn't planning on using any cleaner on it but I wasn't sure about the moisturizer. Ill have to order some. Thanks for the advice.
  11. I also thought it was whiskey. I didn't think they made that line in British Tan.
  12. Beautiful bag, and I think you did great :biggrin:
  13. Beautiful bag at a great price! I think you got a great deal!
  14. I think it is whiskey and you got a nice deal. The Leigh is a great bag, enjoy!