You guys really need to read this....LOL!!!

  1. Now why would she write all that? I don't think that cat looks diabolical at all!:p
  2. You know, I was actually thinking of bidding on this but I just can't bring myself to do it........I am so put off by this seller.......
  3. OMG, this is one very angry lady!
  4. Bizarre! eBay should ban personal ramblings like that. If she wants to sell it, she's the stupid one for calling the scarf tasteless.
  5. that is just hilarious, i didn't think anyone would have the xx nerve to post such a thing and expecting to sell it!! lol......well, this is the highlight of my day!!!
  6. um, then give it to charity. dude she's had it for like 10 years. why is she just getting to selling it now?
  7. She would need to watch that she is not taken up for slander, she makes it very clear who the people are.
  8. That's odd ! She sounds like a mad women !:s
  9. Thanks for reminding us that there're all kinds on eBay. Strangely I am inclined to believe her story. If you were to con someone, you would have made up a much more believable story, wouldn't you.
  10. She's hung on to the darn thing for 10 years and still harbors such anger? She needs a Psychiatrist pronto.
  11. TOO funny--reminds me of that guy who posted his ex-fiance's wedding dress on eBay awhile back! Cave Felem is such a great design though...
  12. Very Funny eBay Auction. That one deserves an Oscar for Drama performance.

    Would it be a "HOOT" if the so-called Mrs. White Trash actually a Pfers Hermes Forum lurker/member??? I would die!!!

    Very funny post. Love it!
  13. OMG........I just thought of that! :oh:
  14. Hermesgroupie, you're being paged in "help identify this leather"!

    That ebayer has a lot of guts. Hard to pass judgment when I don't know the situation but yeah, she sounds angry!