you guys! (now I'm lusting over a Balenciaga)

  1. See, I'd like to blame tPF for this but I'm know I'm a bag-whore!

    this morning I was browsing in Covent garden I'd just passed the Orla Kielly shop (that took self-control :angel:) and then I passed some othe rship woth a boxy looking Balenciaga in the window. (looking at the website, it's the Whistle Small in lambskin) I went in a asked the price, it £672! so I was like hiim, nice bag can I have a look? it was so-so

    On my way to the mirror I sav another bag which really ofr my attention: it was the Coffre-fort at a mere £572! and it's totally fabulous. :yes:I could acutsally see myself selling off all my other bits for this one. I'd have to for that price, lol!.

    If that want enough, I caught myself spying a longchamps bag, it's a bit like the LV speedy, I didn't even enquire over the price because (as I forgot earler that day) asking for the price makes me think about moving things about to afford it, and then it's a slippery slope....

    So this is where lurking on apurse forum gets you: lusting over a purse!