1. :crybaby:aww man if it wasnt for u guys posting that 25% off coupon, i never would have been able to get my chambray carly that i have wanted since last year!!!

    some of you know, i saw it at macys, they have one on hold for me for 300 bucks thats beat up... i was waiting for the price to go down, it never did!

    anywhooo so me and my SO had to go to a wedding yesterday, but we rented the car for 24 hours because its the same price whether you rent it for 24 or 12 hours, so today we go to the outlets at riverhead to return some bags i had bought from lancaster a few weeks ago

    so we get there, and riverhead really usually just has outlet only bags, and a few other items.... what do i see??? my precious chambray carly that i always bump into but could never afford!

    the tag says 379, with 20% off.. that brings it to 300, same price as macys... but then , you wonderful guys told me about the 25% off, so that brought it to around 225!!!

    This bag is awesome and in wonderful condition, plus i found a suede cleaning store in NY that cleans suede beautifully for 25 bucks!!!

    Thanks TPF!!!:tup:

  2. :woohoo: SO HAPPY that you finally found the bag you were dreaming about for a year! Finding it in good condition and less than what you expected must feel SO great!


    We had a wedding to attend yesterday also! always fun to see old friends and family! Hope you had a great time and post action pics of you with that beautiful bag soon!
  3. yeah!!!!!!!!! That is a beauty at a bargain!!!!!!!!!!!! Good find!!!!!:happydance:
  4. I love weddings so much!! it gave me an excuse to rent a car too!! lol

    I live in the city, but the wedding and the outlet are in long island... that is too much of a coincidence to pass up lol!!
  5. Congrats on finding your dream bag! It really is gorgeous, and I know it'll look great on you!
  6. I saw this in person at an outlet a few months ago and it was beautiful! Not nearly as inexpensive as yours either! What a great deal you got for a gorgeous bag! Plus it's your dream bag! That's just awesome!
  7. thanks guys :biggrin: i will post pics when i wear it t his week!! after i get it waterproofed!!

    I learned after I had the chevron hobo lol... waterproof first and be very very careful!
  8. I saw this bag yesterday, its gorgeous and so soft. Congrats!
  9. Sounds like it was meant to be!!:yes:
  10. Congrats! Great bag.
  11. A beautiful blue!! :tup:
  12. That is what it is all about! Congratulations on your beautiful bag!
  13. What a beautiful bag!
  14. Oh it's so pretty!! I'm SO happy for you! =D
  15. thanks guys :biggrin: