you guys, i'm very confused

  1. how come the st jacques aren't the same? I thought the long and short straps are pretty much the same, same size, same measurements, just 1 with longer straps than the other.

    Now that i have done some research on eBay and stuff, some people said there are 2 sizes for long straps (small/large) and 2 sizes for short straps also :sad:

    some sellers on eBay sell long straps one will refer to as long strap small or large with measurements that are actually different, and I have seen that to short strap also.

    I'm confused, so confused??? :confused1:

    Also, what was the last retail price of the St Jacques before it was discontinued? are there 2 different prices for short and long straps?

    I want one but i can't find 1 anywhere, when was it discontinued? I still am so confused about the sizes, before i make any decision to see which one i should go with, i need you gals' help to clear this out.

    Can the short straps ones go over shoulder? comfy? Does anyone have both? which one do u prefer? Need help.

    Thanks so much everyone. Cheers~!!! :heart:
  2. you guys don't like st. jacques
  3. I think it is a great bag, I just have no idea about straps... Maybe you should call the 1-866 number and ask them :smile:
  4. I don't have the St Jacques but I do have a 1999 catalog with them!
    M52272-3-4-5-7-9 9"x15" St Jacques [short strap] $675
    M52262-3-4-5-7-9 12"x17.5" Saint-Jacques shopping [pretty long] $845
    M52332-3-4-5-7-9 9"x15" Saint-Jacques Poignees longues $675
    2 black, 3 fawn, 4 green, 5 blue, 7 red, 8 gold, 9 yellow

    Looking at the catalog picture, drop on the small bag is about half the height, so about 5". Very short for shoulder! The shopping's straps are a bit shorter than the height so maybe 9" drop, very nice for shoulder. Long strap StJ's straps are longer than bag is tall, maybe 12" drop. Maybe too long?

    Hope this helps!
  5. omg, this helps soooo much, thank you super much. Now i know i want the long one not the shopping 'cuz i like it small, cool if it's a little too long.

    Again, thanks so much.