You guys, I think I might be in deep doodoo...

  1. Omigosh. I am a bright, intelligent, sell-savvy person. Really I am. I've been a little distracted for other reasons the past few weeks, nothing major, just small stuff. But I think I may have made a major mistake.

    I had a bag up for auction on eBay recently that got me alot of questions and interest, from one buyer especially, but that ultimately went unsold. A few days after the auction ended I got a message from that buyer asking me if the bag was still available because she was on a shift at work where she couldn't bid at the end of the auction and she wanted the bag as a gift for her sister in Singapore. I don't know why no flags went up for me - maybe because I'm not familiar enough with scamming and PayPal issues, but I agreed, her fiance paid with his PayPal account, the money showed up in my PayPal account. Fedex wouldn't deliver to the address in Singapore so she gave me an address in Hong Kong because her sister was being tranferred there on business. STILL NO RED FLAGS?!? ack.

    I went to transfer money from my PayPal account to my bank account. When I checked on it a few days later, PayPal said it was investigating the transaction and the funds were being held and would I give shipping info. Which I did, because the bag had been signed for already in Hong Kong. Now it's an Open Dispute/Claim and they're still investigating.

    Excuse my french but am I totally screwed? What happens if PayPal comes to me and says I sold my bag to scam artists, the bag is somewhere in Hong Kong, never to come back, and there were no funds to begin with?

    I feel like SUCH AN IDIOT. :cursing: :crybaby:
  2. The buyer was more than likely using a stolen CC or PP account and the real owner of the account filed a dispute with PP. I do not believe you have any recourse because the item was shipped to Hong Kong. So basically you are out the item. I had a similar situation happen but luckily I got suspicious before I shipped the item. But that doesn't always happen. When I ship internationally I will only ship to the address listed on the buyer's PP account. You probably know, or are realizing this now. It's a tough thing to have happen to you, but you just need to chalk it up to a lesson learned. I am very sorry this happened to you. I know it sucks!
  3. am so sorry to hear this
    I think now myself I wont post out until funds are cleared in my bank account , after withdrawing from paypal, its just too risky and totally unfair

    so I am going to tell people shipping will take place once funds are cleared in my bank account which may take 3 to 5 days

    keep us updated fingers crossed it will work out
  4. they can still file a chargeback and take your money away. she shoudln't have agreed to sell at all...
  5. Yep...probably a stolen cc. You didn't follow the rules of the Seller Protection Program so you won't be covered under that. If I had to are out a bag and the money.

    In regards to transferring money out of your Paypal account - that won't protect you in the case of a chargeback. Paypal WILL pursue you and your account will be suspended until that money is replenished.

    Also, sounds like you may have sold this bag off eBay? Don't want to assume but if you did, that further voids any help you are going to get from eBay.
  6. Forgot to say, Im very sorry you have to go through this.
  7. Yes, this sounds familiar, another PFer has a similar thread up too. Goodness, I think this scamster is really working hard now, milking the stolen credit cards as much and as fast as possible. If I remember correctly, someone said in another thread that the scamster is actually working from Indonesia but wants shipping to a Singapore port which will then ship the item out to him. Sorry that this happened to you too, keeping my fingers crossed for you!
  8. I'm sorry this happened to you:sad: big hug. It seems a new scam as mentioned above... hopefully this will alert sellers on Ebay...
  9. I hope you aren't out a lot of money. Sorry this happened to you. :flowers:
  10. I thought so too LP!

    I really don't know what to say, I have a bad feeling:push: I am sorry this has happened
  11. Thanks, everyone, for your good wishes. I've always followed eBay and PayPal rules before, I just don't know what I was thinking when I made this terrible mistake. I am convinced that I am out the money and the bag now. I checked out pei's thread about her scam and guess what? It's the same people. Same names, same scam, same everything. I am just sick that I could have been so stupid. BIG lesson learned. Ow.
  12. I just, and I mean JUST received a "do you ship to singapore" request on one of my auctions. Dont suppose you could share the first letter or two of their id?
  13. just pm'd you!
  14. Why aren't we allowed to post their ID? You can post someones ID in the ebay forums as long as you don't reference a ongoing auction.

    These people are really bad...I'm starting to get a little info on this and NONE of it's good. They really know how to work the system to their advantage .

    If any of you ladies have the pics from your auctions, especially the serial numbers, don't delete them.