You guys have to check this out- elfyourself

  1. A friend of mine sent this to me with my family's pictures (including the dogs) in it... when I say I have been laughing all day, I am not exaggerating. The people in this example are random but you can upload your own pictures and then email it (You watch it once then you can put your own people in, or just start at the main menu). Seriously worth checking out if you want a good laugh :tup: You need the newest Adobe player to be able to see it.

    Here's the "main" menu:
  2. HAHAHAH! Thats GREAT. Im about to make one for all of my friends lmao
  3. hmm, it wont loadd
  4. ^^ Hmmmm... you have the newest Adobe, right? Maybe try refreshing?
  5. OMG..this is sooooo funny..It wont let me do pics are too big?I dunno>?
  6. Ack! I think the size limit is maybe 2MB for each picture-- can you resize them?
  7. Jill is a computer....ermmm.....moron..LOL!
  8. lol! that awas so fun!!!
  9. OMG I made elfs of my family and it was sooo funny! THANKS!
  10. LMAO too funny!
  11. That's cool, going to do that later hehe.
  12. This is great!! Thanks for sharing.
  13. I was on this site for half of the day on Sunday...did an elf of myself, friends, family members...I was laughing like a fool! The site is hysterical!
  14. haha so amusing!
  15. That was sooo fun!!! I did one with just my pets. LOL! Thanks so much for posting!