You guys have been wonderful help for my friend, please keep voting!

  1. I almost wasn't going to post this, but my friend is under 700 votes away from being in the top ten and she deserves this so much because she is so passionate about what she does.

    Basically, she has to be in the top ten to be considered for the grand prize. She's in phase two right now and this phase ends on June 25th and we have to get her a set spot in the top ten! The reason it's so important for her to be there is because if she makes it to top ten, it's not the public who chooses who wins- it's smashbox.

    All it takes is two seconds to vote and you can vote everyday, but only once a day per ip address.


    So guys, for me? I'll give you lots of sprinkling loveee!! :graucho::heart:
  2. I voted. Good luck to her, she is very pretty!
  3. i totally voted for her, she is super beautiful and i hope she wins!
  4. Thank you ladiesss!!! She's at 13 now!
  5. Just voted!
  6. I feel like from the title I missed something but that's ok!

    I will just have to catch up ;) and I have three different isp at home alone...