You guys are sooo lucky! I never get to see LV IRL unless i buy them

  1. is there anyone else that lives in a non-LV state that shares my pain!!!:Push:
  2. Me!! I live in Nebraska so there are no LV stores or any store around here that sells them. I have to use Eluxury to order my LV items. I share your pain.
  3. Ohhhh my heart truly goes out to you!!! :smile:

    I still can't believe AZ has an LV boutique--sometimes I feel the need to pinch myself!! :smile:
  4. lol thank god theres someone else because i was begining to think i was the ONLY one i always see these posts and theyre all like "well i went to LV today" and im like ahhhhh or like ohhh well ill wait to make my decision when i see it in real life...and im like ahh ill never see it in real life unless i buy it.

    blahhh. sorry just needed to vent.
  5. i mean come on now....CT!!!!! its not like somewhere where everyones wearing bermuda shorts and fanny packs....geez...
  6. Me, I live in a non LV country :cursing:
  7. LOL!! Your'e so funny louislover!! And wear knee high socks w/ sandals while wearing shorts. I think the nearest LV store would be Denver for me. :sad:
  8. Me too! No LV in West Virginia. I've seen racks of fake LV in gas stations though.
  9. I don't see LV as frequently as I would like (and trust me, I love looking at other people's handbags), and I live in California! At most I'll only see 2-3 LVs TOPS when I go to the mall, the outlet, or costco. Everybody else either has a Dooney, Coach, Gucci, Fendi, or a fake LV.
  10. I feel your pain...kinda...we have a store here, but I had never been, until recently. And I was surprised that some of the bags were smaller than I thought. there were several that I was glad I hadn't bought off of eluxury since they would have been to small for me! But the PF is great because you get a better idea of the size of the purses. Love the pictures here!!!
  11. I have no LV store near me either! The nearest are in Palo Alto or San Fransisco and they have 5 or so near each other! I wish there's one in Sacramento, I guess LV thinks that we are hicks town and no money to spend! Sacramento is only the capital city of the most populous state and the richest in the entire United State and I guess LV thinks that is not good enough to invest in this city!!

  12. Oh no! I feel your pain but I would have to move! LOL:roflmfao:
  13. lol. thanks missypoo. the only lv ive ever been to was in mass and lemme tell you...i was was in this crappy little there was a christan dior too but it wasnt the big glamorous store like i expected. *pout face* (niether of the stores were really like i expected.) id love to go to an LV in cali or vegas...must be awesome.
  14. I live in Sacramento! I does suck that we don't have an LV, but most people in the city go to San Fran for serious shopping anyway.
  15. I live in northern IN and there is one 3 hours away in Indy and one in Chicago about 90 minutes away.