you guys are quick...

  1. quick thinking Vmasters :p (we've done some orders)
    More than happy to help though!:yes:
    I will let you guys now the second I as to when we are getting Pirata.
    Your Welcome LuvToki.
  2. Do you know if you will be getting more playground in the future?
  3. Thanks Linz....
  4. The Tan Playground Print is completely sold out in Southampton. :sad:
  5. I haven't been able to read through some of the posts that carefully.. so I didn't pick up as fast :balloon:

    I just wanted to say thanks Linz for everything in advance!!!!!

    I was actually quite speechless over the phone, and had trouble putting my words together. I don't know if you noticed. LOL

  6. What do you have in olive cammo? My friend needs to get her first tokidoki (I'm not sure what took her so long!)
    I've ordered a couple of things from southampton.
    (Sometimes I go by amber)
  7. thanks for the updates! could you also post when/if inferno and paradiso go on a 50% discount? :biggrin:
  8. I'll definetly keep you guys updated on prices/discounts and when we are getting the new tokidoki. There is a list of everything on the Lesportsac Southampton Thread. Hope this is a help.